Stronghold Kingdoms

Alternative names: Stronghold Kingdoms

AND Stronghold Kingdoms gras - Game Company Firefly Studios - Developer's famous line games Stronghold . After spending a tremendous amount of work, the developers have created a really worthwhile game, which will be evaluated, as lovers of previous versions, and just lovers of good multiplayer games.

AND grata in online game Stronghold Kingdoms can if your computer meets the requirements. And gras Stronghold Kingdoms Online has such requirements

- Operating system: XP / Vista / Seven ;

- Processor: 1 GHz or higher;

- Memory: 512 MB for XP, at least 1 GB for Vista / Seven ;

- Video compatible with DirectX 9;

- 150 MB free hard disk space;

- Connecting to the Internet.

The next necessary step is registration in the game Stronghold Kingdoms, which is made as simple and understandable, so that only takes a few minutes. P egistratsiya Stronghold Kingdoms implies the following input data in the special form on the website of the game:

- E-mail address;

- Password.

Stronghold Kingdoms Online registration finishes downloading and installing the game client. After installation, you can proceed directly to the game.

Stronghold Kingdoms online game that took a lot from its predecessors, but there are significantly altered parts. First, the changes have affected trade sphere games, which is now much more realistic. Thus, in various transactions, the result is not visible immediately, but after some time, since its implementation. Trade and share resources can now only with capitals. Remains an economic model - that produce provisions necessary to plant gardens, build farms and other facilities that uchuvstvuyut in production caterer. After producing all provisions stored in the barn, and wood, stone and other resources lie in warehouses.

In Stronghold Kingdoms play can be looking three cards: a global, map of the village and the castle map.

AND grata in the game Stronghold Kingdoms Online with the global map is necessary when there is a need to take any quest or to view two close settlements, villages, enemy or allied units.

On the map of the village you can see all of their buildings, to watch the process of life in the village.

Map Castle lets look at strengthening the part, but does not provide for participation of the player in what's happening. For example, you look like a castle trying to capture enemy troops, and if necessary, change tactics and demeanor defenders.

All buildings are built different amount of time - from minutes to hours. Note research assistance window can increase the speed of construction, but this requires experience that the player gets at higher levels, or investing real money in the game.

The game has six types of units: capital n s , peasants, spearmen, archers, swordsmen and catapults. For closer cooperation can join any faction. The maximum number of players is limited to 40 in the guild, and communication takes place either through a special forum or by using the built in chat.

AND grata in Stronghold Kingdoms will be especially interesting to fans of the previous parts of the legendary game, but not only them one game will be interesting. Lovers of good games will appreciate the new game, since we received a lot of improvements and upgrades, the game reached a new level. A well-designed graphics in the game allows you to enjoy the medieval battles with striking detail.


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