Sudden Attack

Alternative names: Sudden Attack

Game Sudden Attack - is a multiplayer shooter 1st person. Sudden Attack is a free massively online game, but also you have a chance to buy bonuses for real money.

In Sudden Attack registration is presented in a foreign language such as English. Register on the site you can play this way:

1. Find the official website of the game.

2. On the main page of the site is located in a large circle inscription « Play » . Click it.

You will see a box in which it is written that you do not have your account - its pages on the site and you need to register. Fill in the fields that will be offered.

3. Enter your mailbox.

4. Repeat once your inbox.

5. Then, select using checkboxes that you agree with all user agreements and rules of the site.

6. Then press the button « Create Your Account » .

From this point, the user can consider yourself
Sudden Attack Online.

Game Sudden attack requires that your computer has been following capacities:

Processor: Pentium 4, 2. 0 Hz.

RAM ( Memory ) : 512 MB.

VRAM (Video RAM): 64MB.

Play Sudden Attack you can in 10 game modes:

1. Deathmatch. In this mode, the winner is the team that first scores the number of points necessary to Kill. If during this time, none of the teams is not gaining the required amount of points, then wins one in which at the moment the most points.

2. Destruction. One team issued a bomb, which must be placed in the right place and detonate. The other team has to stop to do it. In this mode, there are two places where you can set the bomb.

3. Control. Two teams must capture and control it to a time that is indicated on the timer. The winner is the team that has the longest controlled facility or kill the enemy team.

4. Capture-Move. One team must grab your items and move them to another area. The task of the second team to stop them. The task of the mission considered that successful if both items have been moved to a different zone, or one was destroyed, and the other moved.

5. Special events. In this mode, players can only use a certain type of weapon. The winner is the team that will score the most points for the killings.

6. Sabotage. Two teams have to destroy the enemy base and capture neutral bomb.

7. Lam. One team must defend against another using bladed weapons. The team that attacks weapon - a grenade.

8. Head Hunting. This mode is similar to the first, but in this case you need to shoot the enemy in the head otherwise balls will not be read out.

9. Big heads. This mode is also similar to the first, only when killing an enemy his head is larger and the one who shot less.

10. Vampire. In this case, all of the players selected one, and it will be a vampire. His task is to destroy the other players, hunters behind him. The task is similar to the hunters, they need to destroy the vampire.

In Sudden Attack you will play in a heartbeat, as provided modes are made for every taste!





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