Alternative names: Taern

Taern Game is an exciting computer game that is full of diverse quests. This game is considered to be dynamic, multiplayer game, which was developed in the genre of RPG.

In the game you will meet Taern online with this tactical combat system.

Game Pride Taerna registration is available only to those users who have a full eighteen years. You can register in the game Pride Taerna if select

  1. Your email address.
  2. His unique password.
  3. The date of his birth.


In the game you can play Taern selected class. With some of them you can explore in this review:

  1. Archers - a class that knows how to attack at a distance. It can cause severe physical damage. Also this class has great vitality.
  2. Shaman. Voodoo - they use weak people for their own benefit. This class travels around the world. This Shaman calculates your enemies at long range.
  3. Barbarian - a class that has a powerful attack. He is very strong at close range. Him in power inferior to all other classes.


Game Pride Taerna okuet you to the picturesque world with huge dense forests and picturesque lakes.

Game Pride Taerna play you'll be on the side of one of the Empires: Chimes or Taera.

Chimes Empire attacked the Empire Taera. They burned the local domain, robbed and reached the capital of the royal fortress Korelamon.

Taernskaya army decided to confront enemies with pride and led by King Kandel came to battle. Unfortunately, they lost, and the king fell in battle Kandel.

Now nothing can stop the cruel Empire Chimes. All around the fire began to burn. Almost all died and those who survived were thinking how to escape, rather than continue the battle. From that moment began the great escape to the ocean.

Play the game Pride Taerna you will, starting with the remnants of his relatives. You have to wander very long, but you get into town, where you can find refuge. But relax there and you will not succeed. You will wait for a new battle.

Game Pride Taerna online you first have to choose a character. Once you select a character, you will take the hour is at war.

You have to save perishing now a country that was once a thriving beautiful countryside.

Offering exciting turn-based battles. You can fight is the one with the most loyal assistant or with a huge group of desperate soldiers.

Here you will encounter a fascinating story, and perfectly painted scenery that distinguishes this game from the rest.

The most interesting and exciting thing is that your characters do not just follow the steps that have been invented by the developers. You live a real life together with all the characters. You have a choice in the game: to be the villain, a thug and instantly achieve all their goals or to follow the path of the noble knight.

Game Pride Taerna online won a huge success thanks to its gameplay, characters and other features!


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