Tank Force

Alternative names: Tank Force

Tank Force really cool game!

In September 2017 fans of the tanks received in the collection of Tank Force from the developer Extreme Developers. Given that the market already has enough games of a similar direction, the project managed somehow to immediately win the trust and gained popularity. In addition, regularly there are updates with new missions, techniques and tasks, which helps the plot.

Tank Force download can be free of charge, and even evolve, without feeling a special need for donate. However, paid content is provided, and assumes:

  • Purchase of premium account
  • Purchase of premium equipment
  • Purchase of more powerful shells, equipment and machinery

Generally speaking, the scenario is well-known, and if you want to receive all the best, and do not wait for long recovery of losses, you will have to spend a little. Prices are classic, and not much you are ruined. Also there is an opportunity to download Tank Force on the computer. If for mobile devices, Android needs at least 4. 1, then PC requires Windows 7/8/10 and at least 3Gb disk space. Naturally, to get access to all the components of the game process, take care of access to the Internet.

More about the features of the game.

You are in a multiplayer shooter, in which:

  • Get access to tanks of different models
  • Permanently improve the technique
  • You are in the battles
  • Receive solid rewards for winning
  • Fighting with a computer and real opponent

You can join one of the three factions: China, Russia or NATO. Next, you are waiting for battles in which the participants are divided into teams 10x10. Based on their side, which side you preferred, there will be an appropriate selection of tanks (a total of 42 options) and their further rigging. Modernization takes place in the hangar, where also the purchase and sale of items is made. If you are not new to these games, the procedure is well known.

As for the selection of tanks, the game Tank Force suggests starting with light options, gradually opening up access to heavier armored vehicles. Most of them are offered for free, but some exclusive models can be obtained only for real money. For example, German Leopard 1A5 and Russian BMP-4 are intended for purchase. As for the characteristics of the machines, this is quite a standard set:

    Don't forget about disguise.

  • Manoverability of the tank
  • The rapid turn of the tower
  • Number of rounds per minute
  • Armor Armor
  • Machine speed
  • Loss of combat advantage
  • Endurance
This seemingly insignificant detail can bring a bonus to damage.

Inside the outfit there must be first aid kits, fire extinguishers, night vision devices and, of course, shells, among which there are napalm. If we talk about maneuverability, then the tanks are really quite quick running around the field, that is, they are easy to manage. The physics is also taken into account, which makes the toy realistic, and this is a big plus. But a small card, this is a minus, although not significant. This defect can be attributed to the small screen of the phone where, with all the desire, it is impossible to turn around. But the scenery in the game is fantastic, as is the time of day.

Tank Force game turned out to be very promising. Players are happy, the developers are inspired by success and are working to further improve the source product. You can safely install the toy on your device to go through a couple of missions in your spare time, earn bonuses and spend them on your own tank. In addition, leave feedback and feedback to developers to facilitate further updates. Any sensible idea is welcome, so dare.


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