Tanks Ground War

Alternative names: Tanks Ground War

Game Tanks Ground War - free multiplayer browser based strategy war theme, the events that unfold in a realistic three-dimensional game world. Project Developer - Chinese company Changyou, the publisher acts - Mail. ru Group. The product is based on a modern engine Unity, that sounds pretty promising. You are transported to the battlefields, and managing the various models of tanks, will be taking part in active hostilities. It is filled with dynamic competition between the players will have to taste both novice users, and those who have tried out the virtual space beyond. To win a championship in the frenzy, you can use the powerful war machines and an arsenal of weapons of all kinds. It's nice that all the equipment really recreated detail and the need to improve the tanks that will be at your disposal, making gameplay even more exciting. When you appear on the battlefield, will not just mindlessly shoot a cannon, and to think through each step, performed a tricky maneuvers and choose the most effective tactics. The social interaction gives Ground War: Tanks online special charm. After all, work with other people to achieve their goals - is an art and you can learn this right here and now, on the virtual spaces of Tanks mail ru. Join - and all of your leisure time will be filled with excitement!

Need to download a massive game client is absent. The door will open to the fantastic world Ground War: Tanks registration. The project is loaded into Friendster, FaceBook, in Facebook and Twitter . If you do not have an account at one of these social networks, it's easy to fix. The registration process involves the introduction of critical information such as user name, email address and password. Do this only once, to then again and again to enjoy your favorite pastime.

Ground War: Tanks can play anyone. The main thing that computer must meet such minimum system requirements: Operating System Windows XP SP2 / Server 2003 SP1 / Vista / 7/8 or same linux , mac ; processor Pentium 4 supporting SSE 2, 200 MB free hard disk space and 512 MB of RAM. After graduating from the PTA creators promise to announce more detailed list of system requirements. But the fear that they will be too high, not worth it.

In fact, the game Ground War: Tanks is a long-known rival World of Tanks. Between these games have a lot in common. And yet, the project can not be called mindless plagiarism, because it shares many features that can interest the public an Internet capricious. Brimming with fierce tank battle action does not allow users to miss a minute! Look forward to hiking adrenaline PvP-battles, as well as many exciting PvE-missions (add after PTA). In mass battles can participate simultaneously about 30 players. It is worth mentioning that the developers promise to soon provide the ability to create entire clans.

Play Ground War: Tanks you will, driving light, heavy, medium tanks, as well as the Socialist Party and the ACS. Over time, your order will be a whole fleet of combat vehicles. To use them effectively you need to know not only from A to Z construction equipment (weapon, tower, enclosure, chassis, engine, radio, etc.), but also be able to pump the main parameters, which include Strength, Armor Corps, load capacity, engine power maximum speed, projectile damage, accuracy, range performance and radio, etc. etc. Better tirelessly Soviet armor and winning in endless bloody battles, can feel like a real hero of the Great Patriotic War!


Tanks Ground War - it is an opportunity to experience the grandiose historical events, to experience the feelings that were so familiar to our ancestors. Well, where are you, brave hearts? Do not miss the chance to brighten up leisure occupation so interesting!


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