Tanks Heroes

Alternative names: Tanks Heroes

Tanks Heroes online - strategic multiplayer game in epic style free model. You are transported to the tumultuous days of World War II and will be able to control appliances at the time. With its beautiful high-quality graphics, you controlled tanks look like real. Quite often slazhivaetsya impression that everything that happens is really real. Plunged into the game atmosphere, you will take part in active combat, keep saturated life, constantly feel that the danger is somewhere nearby. Desperately destroy enemy tanks, as well as their surroundings! Do not allow anyone to hide from you, let them tremble in fear hated rivals!

The developers of the project is Wolf Games . I must admit that employees did their best. The idea, though not possess novelty, but the creators were able to make it so that the story turned out not excess, but on the contrary, exciting and intriguing. Game Tanks Heroes installed on a modern engine Unity 3 d . And this is another plus. After Tanks Heroes can play almost any computer, regardless of which operating system is installed on it. A product line is loaded in the browser. Therefore unnecessary troubles excluded. Low system requirements, dynamic events, saturation of gameplay and the ability to manage iron swingers - that's what most attracted numerous users.

Simple registration in the game Tanks Heroes will take you to the wonderful world. Having entered all the required information in the appropriate fields of the registration form (login, password, email address), you can immediately start exciting gameplay. Also, if you pass the Tanks Heroes registration, return to the initiated can engage at any time, while maintaining the previous achievements.

To get started quickly, learn the game interface. It consists of the following sections: hangar (parking space for tanks), shop (place to buy tanks), profile (Info level conducted battles, victories, tanks destroyed, mutilated, maximum points for the fight, while in combat deaths) options (sound, screen resolution, music, graphics quality).

Play game Tanks Heroes is available in three modes. Choose one of these modes as Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and the capture of the base. By the way, try to turn all nobody forbids. Fight with enemy tanks everywhere and always. At what location would you happen to be, peace be excluded! Hot events occur in such places:

- Location "Mountain Lake": from one side - the forest, with another - the hills, in the middle - the settlement. Fights are mostly in the village.

- Location "Lighthouse": there are certain types of shelter village houses, copses, terrain folds, and basically have to wait until the opponent will pop out on the hilly field, which is divided location.

Play Tanks Heroes You will be using 24 tanks, which are divided into two lines that are basic. Some models belong to the Soviet Union, Germany and others. But there are tanks preium class of very powerful countries, namely the United States and France. All tanks that are in your possession, require pumping. Also to be constantly worry about weapons. So, as you sit at the helm prospect of such models as BT-2, T-28, PzKpfw II, PzKpfw IV? Cool, is not it? Well, if you want more, you are welcome vlazhivat real.

Remember that each tank has the following parameters: The strength of the tank, tower, engine, speed turret, gun, Chassis and Price. Incidentally, the longer you play, the more powerful it becomes your tank. Tanks can improve with the help of funds that earn during gameplay. Each victory brings its reward in the form of gold and silver. You spend the game currency at its discretion.


Do not miss a single minute to Do! Join the fun and enjoy the gaming community addictive arcade! The game will provide many memorable moments! Get ready for a whirlwind of changing one after the other events! Have a good mood!


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