Alternative names: Tanoth

Tanoth Online - free browser multiplayer online fantasy game. It would seem that because of total drag this style of a huge mass of people online game Tanoth will be another collection of stereotypes and come up with something original is no longer possible. But the developers are trying to methodically dissuade us of this.

Join in the game Tanoth take a few minutes. You need to enter your account name, e-mail address and you're ready to play! Register Tanoth and its simplicity - is another plus in the treasury of pleasant impressions about the project.

Yeah, maybe those of you who spends enough time for fantasy browser-based games can be noted in the design of the game some similarities with its "colleagues" on the genre, but all this - very superficially. Zest that keeps Tanoth online game - its gameplay. And as he boasts of its uniqueness.

And those games are starting to drag everyone who bored linearity beautiful graphics.

Interface that presents us Tanoth online game, rather austere and simple. Nothing superfluous in Tanoth, play it simple and natural vision - apparently it was the main credo of its designers. But the quest for stories and a variety of tasks, game developers have not stinted. Here just a lot of missions, each more interesting previous. Well, where do without a bit of pretentiousness inherent in all of fantasy games and a good portion of healthy humor?

The game will attract different categories of players. Love pokorpet on complex tasks, accumulating experience and wealth? Then you here! If you prefer the path of power and your motto - "Winner takes all", that is just for you designed combat system, in which you can get if you win a strong weapon, armor and other expensive pleasant delights of life knight. But this is only if you win. Loser also loses virtually everything he has.

In order to play the game online Tanoth getting the most out of the process, you can get the best sled animals: horses, dragons or even diabolical horse. These assistants will help you travel far, reducing the time to hike. Great advantage - with the best mount, the journey time is reduced almost in half. Time to stock rubies!

Incidentally, I wonder what these same rubies are Tanoti game currency can be purchased for real money. This option is for those players who are not ready to spend a lot of time in the game, but want to get the process of travel across the expanses Tanoti maximum pleasure.

In general, the game is doing good, everything in it has to an emphasis gameplay sufficient time and preparation of the process a whole lot of fun. This makes playing the game online Tanoth hours on end.

Dragons, beautiful ladies, ominous abandoned castles, intrigue and cold-blooded enemies - all this finds every adventurer in an incredible fantasy world games Tanoth!

And you're still looking for, where did escape from the boredom and monotony of his life? Sign up and start playing Tanoth - prove that you are worthy to become the most famous knight of the kingdom!


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