Tekken Card Tournament

Alternative names: Tekken Card Tournament
What is the game Tekken, probably do not need to talk. With this project, familiar with gamers of all ages and nations. Even those who are fighting games like Tekken, can not stand, this game certainly tested. The project - a kind of gamer legend. He was introduced to computers, consoles and mobile phones. And finally, in 2013, came the publication of the game Tekken Card Tournament - browser based online project. Graphics, characters and the main idea of ​​the game have remained unchanged. That's just the format of the project has changed a bit. No one could have imagined that one day will become a Tekken trading card game. That is, gamers still have to fight, fight and fight a lot, but this time do not have to manually, but simply using the cards. The developers decided to simplify the task of the players to a minimum, so that the draft Tekken Card Tournament registration will even be optional. Gameplay can be started by simply logging on to the project page. If desired authorization walking, using data from the account in the social network Facebook. Card version of a favorite of many of the game today is also available for mobile devices. So, having constant access to the Internet, with Tekken Card Tournament online way to and from work can be made more exciting. The principle of the gameplay is simple enough. Both you and your opponent in the available 15-card. Each character in its own unique collection of maps, which determine its strengths and weaknesses. That game was the most exciting, before selecting a character, it is recommended to carefully read its unique characteristics and skills. Each game card in Tekken Card Tournament online has several effects: Hourglass icon indicates when the card is to be used before or after the attack. Type of attack and damage. Additional At the bottom of the card meanings of the symbols explained text. So it will be almost impossible to get confused. When you're in Tekken Card Tournament play will know that the whole process of the battle can be divided into several steps: Opponents can use the function "Focus", which allows you to take one card from the deck at random. Action "Attack" activates all the cards that are on hand. "Block" - blocks the first two cards of the opponent, in that case if he will attack. Must be very careful: if the enemy will attack three cards, then the latter will affect the character. You will be in Tekken Card Tournament play for free. The project, of course, allows the possibility of acquiring resources for real currency, but to succeed in the game is quite possible, and without investment. The more you play, the more opportunities you'll get. To be honest, the original deck of cards is not impressive, but with it you have to play for long. As soon as possible after the start, you will improve and update the stocks, diluting it more rare and powerful cards. That's when you feel the touch of salt and games! For each victory gamer gets additional bonuses and virtual currency. New Game Battles take to the streets allows you to interact with real people. Every gamer will use its own tactics of warfare, and so bored the game is almost impossible. Constant striving for development will help you to receive the award for the award and discover sverhredkie card (which is in the deck can be just one thing!

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