TERA Online

Alternative names: TERA Online

TERA online - fantastic multiplayer role-playing game client. On the Internet project was started through the efforts of the two companies. Creator acts Bluehole Studio, and the publisher - NHN Corporation. One-time fee allows TERA download and plunge into the maelstrom of exciting adventures. You will be traveling around the world, was born on the bodies of Arun and Balls - two sleeping titans. Starting to get acquainted with Abroberiey you find yourself around the huge expanses consisting of two continents and many small islands. All locations vary a lot between themselves and conceal incredible surprises. While it is completely open world and lovers wander through unexplored areas will keep you busy! Horrible monsters who will meet on your way should be ruthlessly destroyed, and the jobs that will appear as the occurrence of a situation should be executed perfectly. During gameplay the character develops and becomes stronger. Every day you will be more confident in their own abilities, and participating in endless battles is just a joy. The combat system - one of the strengths of the game. Incidentally, one player is able to withstand a whole crowd of enemies, most importantly acquire the necessary skills. In the near battles need to be able to choose the direction of impact and long masterful aim. This is not all the benefits of the project and evaluate all the fun you can chips when, you start to play TERA.

Once buy and install the game client on a PC will be able to enjoy its dynamics, ambiguity and beauty. Notice the list of the minimum system requirements for the gameplay: CPU P4 2,5 MHz, graphics card ATI Radeon 9600 or NVidia GeForce 6600 (128 MB of memory and 2. 0 shaders) DirectX 9 compatible. 0c; 20 GB of free space on the hard drive and 1GB of RAM. If these parameters are normal, with the installation of the game no problem.

Thus, the desired toy on your computer and you are just getting started to play TERA. Where to begin? First, you have to go through the prologue, during which you will control your character level 20. It helps to understand whether you like the selected class. But after you start pumping from scratch. Second, once belonging to decide the class (there are seven available classes) should start to implement the many quests that are divided into main and side. History of the game one for all races. The plot will lead you forward, and with it, the scenery constantly changes. Thanks graphics engine Unreal Engine 3mir looks alive and therefore attractive for lovers of variety. Each race has its own characteristics, but all the inhabitants of the fantastic universe in common - the fight against the external enemy. You just like the rest of you will fight against evil, trying to clear the land from evil spirits.

Game TERA allows to attack other players. But honestly, this is not really necessary. Significant benefit in this, but the wrath of others users who want to avenge a comrade - it easily. There is also an option entry into the guild. As part of the guild, you can take part in the great wars. Such fights occur standard - wall to wall. You should decide for themselves whether you need support, or you yourself is easier and more comfortable to explore the surrounding area and to cope with problems. By the way, there is something that will not afford alone. This dungeon. But if you fundamentally lonely because no one is there not cause to meddle. Oh, and it does happen that you just can not do without help. For example, doctor services, sooner or later will need each player.


TERA game will give a lot of memorable moments. Until you reach the maximum level, not just get into stressful situations that require decisive and bold action. To summarize, designed combat system, high quality graphics, balance classes, user-friendly interface, setting commendable game interesting Dungey - all this and more will delight you throughout the gameplay. So do not be put off, and quickly join the gaming community! May all your dreams come true!


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