Terminator Salvation

Alternative names: Terminator Salvation

Salvation ... and protect mankind ... And he will be defeated Skynet robots ... However, those who watched the eponymous part of the "Terminator" (4th «Terminator Salvation») in the course of the story, and who did not watch & ndash and I think, too. So online game Terminator Salvation itself has become such a prologue to this part. The creators put on Terminator Salvation online special mission - to talk about the inevitability of a major war with termination and its consequences (well, it's the idea of ​​such). As for the game itself. Terminator Salvation Game Online - MMO shooter third person in which you will experience all the difficulties these hard times (if played for the people, of course). After all, people become strangers to their own planet. Nuclear explosion destroyed all living things, and no one was to be left. Here again the kingdom to Skynet and every bipedal with heart - a death sentence. But a group of volunteers, led by John Connor trying to change that. Will they at least something? Play to the end, you learn.

And to begin with, of course, you will check in the game Terminator Salvation. Here you will immediately decide for whom to play - for people or robots. You should enter the username, password confirmation, e-mail address and the verification code. Offer to specify the country, but should it? Registration allows Terminator Salvation immediately choose a pic, though the choice is not particularly - 8 men and 8 skaynetovskih faces. Next take the user's rules and this in Terminator Salvation Online registration ends.

I think it's so clear how many factions in this game. If you decide to play in Terminator Salvation for skaynetovskih terminators, they presented three types:

- Bipedal cyborgs with big guns;

- Crab-like four-legged spiders;

- Small balloons - nasty flying spies.

In the ranks of the militia there is no separation, all the faithful companions of John Connor, ready to carry out the rescue operation. By the way, about this. Need to save a group of people trapped behind enemy lines. They did not seem much, but "every life - great value," Mr. John will tell you and give their should not be a pity for such a case.

Like many other shooters, you start to play the game online Terminator Salvation with only one shotgun. But after a couple of rounds and grenades bazookas already in the arsenal, and you can pay a visit to the store.

What is interesting in Terminator Salvation play for beginners it is clear - shoot plenty, experience gain. But for experienced shuteristov there is something to do in the game there are elements of strategy, a system of ranks and other tempting chips. Besides, you're in charge here - kind of like you guys and run, but always your shot - deadly laurels and only you. In short, to amuse your self-esteem can be enough.

Said that Terminator Salvation game online without intrigue ... so it's a moot point. Have you quests, expect another bases from Skynet, hiding or trying to break through this desolate terminator armor - at any time there is a chance that something will go wrong. And what it does not intrigue?

Despite the simplicity and straightforwardness of the genre methods of fighting robots, uncluttered graphics and scarcity of ruined cityscapes of Los Angeles to play the game Terminator Salvation online no less exciting than any other shooter genre of "hide and shoot." In addition, the creators of Toy generously saturated narrating her rollers, dialogues, spectacular staged scenes and thematic music. So that the complex looks very dignified.


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