Test Drive Unlimited

Alternative names: Test Drive Unlimited

Game Test Drive Unlimited is an online computer game about racing, where transport you may have not only a variety of cars, but also motorcycles.

Download Test Drive Unlimited you can on the official website of the game, by sending a request. You are given the opportunity to download additional game TDU new cars.

Look at the pro game Test Drive Unlimited video before you start to play it.


Game TDU - is an exciting game about racing. Here you will get the route length of 1,000 kilometers. Action will take place on the Hawaiian island. You will have a huge selection of licensed cars and motorcycles.

In Test Drive Unlimited game play you will be competing with opposing racers, who will meet you on the way. You can ride as usual on the highway and off-road.

Island, where you'll win opponents, repeats the original. You will discover different spaces: forests, mountains, sandy beaches and Honolulu - the capital of Hawaii.

In a computer game, you can play TDU several modes: single player and multiplayer.

1. Single-user mode - a mode in which you play alone.

Game in this mode begins with the purchase of the car and at home. When you explore the island, in front of you will open new places

- Rental terms;

- Clothes;

- Dealers of motorcycles and cars;

- Shop for tuning machines;

- Painting workshops;

- Real estate agency.

In single-user mode, you will be offered a series of competitions

1. Race against the computer machines (computer controls them).

2. Race on speed.

3. Racing against the clock.

4. Assignments (courier).

5. Overtaking cars.

6. Hitchhiking.

For winning you get a prize. A racing type Hitchhiking Your reward will be icons. With money you can buy your character designer clothes in special shops. Also on the money you can buy or rent new cars or motorcycles. In this game you can get a maximum of ninety cars.

2. Multiplayer mode - a mode that is considered to complement the single-user mode. All features are available in single-user mode this mode.

Competitions listed below are in addition

- Race with other players;

- Competition for fast execution of tasks with other players;

- Participation in competitions from other players.

In-Game Test Drive Unlimited ozhzhete you participate in competitions in-game clubs.

Game Test Drive Unlimited gained a huge amount of positive reviews and won a great success among the youth. This game is praised internationally renowned magazine.

Despite his age, Test Drive Unlimited is still popular, and is popular among many users. This is due not only to the gaming features, but also to the fact that this game can download any user.

Gazuyte at full power, and come to the finish line first!


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