The Dead Linger

Alternative names: The Dead Linger

Game The Dead Linger is an online game in the first person. You'll be in the game The Dead Linger investigate different areas and kill zombies. In your poet will meet a huge number of zombies.

In the online game The Dead Linger registration is fast. To register you must enter the following information:

1. Your user name.

2. Come up with a unique password and write.

Play Game The Dead Linger you will in the world, which remained after the apocalypse. In this game, survival of the fittest players. Your enemies are:

1. Zombie - monsters who crave a great desire to kill you.

2. The other factions - the remaining survivors who want to gain a victory over you in survival.

Games fraction can include up to 16 players, a limit which can be increased only with time later. These players can either be best friends or deadly enemies.

Players on different servers as enemies to each other by default, but friendly players can join in the party and work together.

On PvP servers, each player is part of one of the many warring teams. The goal is the same team and to destroy all ostanyh.

In-Game The Dead Linger play you should take care not only about the destruction of the hostile parties, but also the welfare of your character. You will need to feed him and safeguard against infections. If your character dies, if a long time will not get food.

In-Game The Dead Linger online and The opposing can provide themselves various weapons from Firearms to improvised weapons melee. Security Player depends largely on their arsenal . For unarmed freshman not much threats, however, the player with the sniper rifle and other dangerous weapon can kill anyone who closer to their territory.

In game The Dead Linger will be accessible different types clothes , provided a special protection and practical benefits.

Zombie - people or animals that were infected virus HNZ . This virus can be transmitted through body fluid or physical contact (especially bites ) and possibly by other means .

Zombie lost most of their higher mental functions, and as such are not very active. They tend to be Manhunter. Zombie has three main states:

- Inaction - shuffling around, listlessness.

- Inquiry - zombies can detect a person through the sight, smell or sound.

- Aggressiveness - zombies looking for other players or on the observation deck, or by implementing an active pursuit.

Zombie much harder to kill than healthy others . They die if their heads were destroyed or seriously damaged. However Zombie tend to dismember . It is tactical advantage for a man if he wants survive shooting Zombie legs for example, is slow them .

Play the game The Dead Linger Naturally you are free, but buying a paid game package will give you a lot more benefits.


Conquer the world, destroying your enemies!


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