The Elder Scrolls Online

Alternative names: The Elder Scrolls Online
At this stage in The Elder Scrolls Online can play only real lucky. Free access project there, and find out what is so interesting and new game offers can only gamers who were elected administration of the project for the beta. Game graphics is painfully reminiscent of Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind, but for now there is no reason to complain about the fact - all the while the projects were of high quality pictures, great special effects, wondrous overall plan. Another strange why most game developers believes that the most ideal exposition must necessarily be associated with the jail or imprisonment somehow? Yes, as you understand, the creators of The Elder Scrolls Online originality not stir - all the adventures of the protagonist in this project are also being developed with the cramped and unpleasant to look at the camera. Prior to the beginning of gameplay gamers will need to choose for your character race. Depending on the race changes the appearance of the hero. In addition, players will be able to choose which side to join. For the players involved in testing, are currently available in limited The Elder Scrolls Online classes: Thief, Knight, Paladin, Mage. And should be noted that only magicians could more or less to show themselves in battle in the distance, the representatives of all the other races are only strong in nearby battles. For beginners, the game The Elder Scrolls Online offers plenty of fun learning mode, which may be considered in combination and some sort of introduction. After a short course of a young soldier immediately adventures begin with the first seconds of which it is clear that the creators of the game decided to approach the issue of building a qualitatively new gameplay side. Our The Elder Scrolls Online review can not fail to notice that to understand all features of the game only after some time spent alone with her. So, at first glance, it may seem that some conditions quests can be neglected, but it is important to remember that the negligent performance of tasks can then go sideways very same gamers. Therefore, we strongly recommend performing all tasks clearly adhering to the rules of the game offered (zaintriguem you in this way! ). Of shared resources in the official narrative The Elder Scrolls Online video trailer you can see that all the quests in the game complement each other, later going into a single intelligible and interesting history. Almost all jobs will be focused on the fact that the player could explore an extensive map of the virtual world on their own. Yet the main battle will take place in the central province of Cyrodiil. As soon as The Elder Scrolls Online can download everyone, three opposition factions represented in the project will flare anew. Stimulus battles serious enough - winning faction will be able to choose the number of the emperor and his allies to get almost unlimited power.

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