The Fate of Nation

Alternative names: The Fate of Nation

The Fate of Nation Online - multiplayer browser-based strategy game that unfolds in real time. Moreover, the project does not require investment, so you still have the opportunity to earn real money. Catching up on construction and development of their own cities, you'll advance to the logical chain centuries - from the Stone Age to the future. And summing up each of the past stage you erect one of the wonders of the world. It is for the construction of a miracle and you can get either money or in-game currency. While you yourself point out, what reward for you the best deal. The Fate of Nation game provides players with a wide scope for action. The game map size of 1000 to 1000 cells can not only expand the building, but also to conduct reconnaissance over time to feel at all comfortable. After hitting the first time in the wonderful world, you may think that you are here by yourself. But it is necessary to make the first study, it finds many neighbors. And they are set in relation to you differently. Someone friendly, someone hostile. So in order to be able to reach out to others, you still have much to - and learn to enter into contracts, and reflect the aggressive attack. Come on! The Fate of Nation registration open up a world full of adventure!

System requirements for the game are rather modest: one of the modern browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 i vische, Opera i Safari) and the expansion of the display is less than 1280x800 (preferably 1440h960). Moreover, the downloaded nothing. You can visit the site at any time even with someone else's computer, even from a mobile phone. Join in the game The Fate of Nation as follows:

- Introduced the nickname;

- Thought up a password;

- Reported email address;

- Supplementary data (choice of the game world, a novice or an experienced user, the color of the flag, the name of the city, a codeword real name).

In conclusion, you need to click on "Join the game".

Game Fate of Nations was created in the style of "Civilization." Now you can master three eras - the Stone Age antiquity and the Middle Ages. The creators promise that will be available soon and the next era - a new time, present and future. Every era is accompanied by its special features. Each time has its own specific units, as well as available buildings. And, of course, the further you move, the better your prospects. For example, in the stone age thing as much as possible to carry out studies to prevent competitors to capture those territories, which will be useful. Characterized by introducing money antiquity. Now, without them it is impossible to contain units of urban buildings, plus they need to make trade deals. Middle Ages bear glad tidings that you can finally create your nation. Several players can team up and continue the game under one ensign, guided by common goals. A new virtual time is very similar to the present. Unfolding espionage, theft occur everywhere, the atmosphere is polluted industrial wastes. But your factories, power plants are now intensifying.

Let's see what you need in order to successfully play the game The Fate of Nation. As already mentioned, the study occupy a special place in the gameplay. But do not worry about what will have to spend their precious time. You simply specify what you are interested, give the task to their units and send them off. You're just waiting for news. Also your faithful servants will benefit those that self can rob a neighbor and bring prey to find cells rich resources. By the way, the resources significantly increase the chances of a good development. They are not a mandatory element, but once you come across, do not neglect the opportunity to conduct mining on some fertile cell. Resources allow you to build stronger types of troops, and, of course, improved facilities. Having built a city, you do not have to stop there. On the contrary, the more cities will be under your authority, the better. Play The Fate of Nation worth bearing in mind that every action takes time. For example, to move troops from one cell to another requires 1-2 minutes, and the construction of the building a few hours. Such a system allows you to provide some trouble. So find that towards your city move troops, you will have time to prepare for a fight or to take steps to conclude non-aggression treaty.

It is worth mentioning that the opportunity to take up the construction of the miracle of light "Megalith" vyborot need. Ask why you need it and have enough worries? Well, if you do not need a bonus in the form of real, then sit quietly!

Begin The Fate of Nation play right now to fully enjoy all the features of a quality product: the dynamics of events, great graphics, sound mechanics, intuitive interface, the ability to use tactics, convenience in the sense that it does not need to spend much time.

Let gameplay brings you a real pleasure!


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