The Forest

Alternative names: The Forest
Game Forest - the most anticipated project of the new year. If you are an ardent fan of games created in the genre of Minecraft, this game is sure to please you. Of course, the most dedicated fans of the project know that today has been created by a huge amount of Minecraft-clones, but none of them has been able to achieve such a high level, as it turned out the original. This information does not confuse developers Forest, company SKS Games. The team is confident one hundred percent confidence, the creators of the new project genuinely believe that their child is sure to please even the most demanding audience. Presumably Forest game will relate to the horror genre. The main characters have to throw all the forces in order to survive. Project as the developers promise will be made in the first-person mode. Professionals also promise to impress potential audience stunning graphics and a huge open world, where everything, absolutely everything is open to research. Not so long ago it was announced that The Forest pc will be available for download (of course, before gameplay begins and you will need to download the distributions of the project and install on your PC) on the famous portal Steam. Another good news for those who are waiting for release The Forest, the game has received permission to participate in Steam Greenlight, so that everyone can take an active part in the formation of a class project. Recall, Steam Greenlight - a service provided by the portal, in which is located on the site all information about new games, with screenshots and a preview. Portal visitors get acquainted with all the latest developments and evaluate them according to your taste. The most popular projects are subsequently apply to Steam, and by the time the official presentation of the game is to acquire the enviable army of fans. Yes, you read that right, now you can watch The Forest video trailer and vote for him! Do not hesitate! According to the legend of the game happened zhutchayshim disaster. The protagonist, with whom you will spend no hour of his life in the future, was still alive after the terrible tragedy of the aircraft, but he was on a desert island, where his main task, of course, will be the fight for survival. So, in order: first you have to download The Forest, and then do everything possible to ensure that the protagonist remained unharmed (well, at least intact). Get ready for what you will need to build a fire and watch closely so it does not extinguished (you do not want that man, who survived the crash, died from the cold? ) And learn how to build shelters. To the main character did not die of hunger, you will need to hunt. You have to play The Forest very carefully and cautiously, fearing terrible mutant cannibals roam around in the neighborhood at night. Since the films "300", "Tron: Legacy" and Forest worked the same development team special effects will look at that.

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