The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Alternative names: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Game Van Helsing. New story is a computer role-playing game that is designed in the style of hack and slash.

Events in the game developed in the nineteenth century, in the fictional town. The main character is Van Helsing, vampire hunter. The main character will fight with his companion Catherine against these horrible creatures.

Katerina - a ghost who always accompanies the hero, in memory of his father and gratitude for salvation. It has its own characteristics and weapons.

Before you start playing, you will need to play Van Helsing. New story downloaded from the official site. Download Van Helsing can only grown users who registered on the site.


On the game Van Helsing. New history review reveals the main game features, characteristics of the characters, weapons, etc.

You can see the game at the request of Van Helsing. New History of the video. In it you will see a different game special effects, trick attack on vampires, as well as get acquainted with the game rules.


Van Helsing game in which you have to kill the cruel monsters. Killing monsters, you will gain experience. With the accumulation of experience, you will unlock new levels.

In addition, in the game The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing developed trade relations. You can keep in trade negotiations with traders: sell and buy things found their dates of your items.


In Incredible Van Helsing has weapons and melee.

To Ranged refers firearms, such as a gun. A melee weapons in the game include sword.

As protection you can wear on your character different types of armor, helmet, knee pads, cape, amulet, belt, hat and bib.

If your character has reduced the level of health, you can buy him a potion or another drug.

Van Helsing game in which you will speak with the characters that you will meet on the way. Also you will need to take on quests and do them.


Game Van Helsing suggests that earned experience points you'll spend on the development of the characteristics of the character, ie is will raise the level of your character.

The character has the following characteristics:

1. Build - a measure of your protection and the possibility of a melee attack.

2. Agility - a characteristic that shows the possibility of your character evade enemy attacks, and improves performance of your ranged weapons.

3. Willpower - is an indicator of increasing your magical abilities and mana.

4. Good luck - it is an indicator of your opportunities to find gold, magic items, and the ability to evade enemy attacks. In addition to this high rate of luck gives you the opportunity to get a critical strike his opponent.


Game Van Helsing you can download from any site that provides this access, so long do not hesitate to download it on your computer and go to battle with the bloodthirsty vampires.


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