The Mummy Online

Alternative names: The Mummy Online

Game Mummy - free multiplayer shooter with RPG elements. The draft put the well-known story of the film. The Mummy online offers go back to the thirties of the last century, and to participate in a dizzying adventure. Game developer is a company Bigpoint . The creators have set up your online product on a modern engine Unity, which gives the game world and dynamic realism. The advantage is quality and relevant sound. Plays an important role beautiful graphics. Events sweep over you like living. You also still keep up to perform a variety of PvE and PvP job and travel in search of adventure through the dungeons, ruins and oases. The most interesting thing happening in the area of ​​the southern tributary of the Nile, and began to play The Mummy Online You will certainly get there!

To begin gameplay, need The Mummy Online registration. You must fill out a form with these fields: username, password, repeat password, email address, game server, date of birth. Also need to tick the box, thus confirming compliance with the rules and the desire to receive from the administration of interesting news.

We hasten to please you that the mummy comes to life just in the browser and you do not have to download and install anything. System requirements are modest, so you do not need to worry about the configuration of your PC. Come on! Grand epic battle between good and evil awaits you!

Starting The Mummy play, you have to fight for the treasure to win a huge amount of enemies ruthlessly destroy mummies and monsters of ancient Egypt who dare stand in your way. You will use a firearm, spells, magic relics and do everything possible to achieve the goal. Your road lies through such dangerous locations as Amarna, Oasis Amunet, Tomb, Bazaar and the ruins of Tabari. If you're not careful, it is likely that there will overtake you and death. But death can be overcome if you are clever, cunning, desperate and daring explorer!

The Mummy game prompts you to select the party for whom you want to fight to the death. Join either reckless night thieves plunderers, or to sacrifice their souls and the souls of his victims for the resurrection of the dark forces of antiquity cultists. In fact, the robbers - scientists, researchers and archaeologists. But when the question is, who will get another pai treasure, as if they sataneyut and ready to do anything for the sake of wealth. Cultists are trying to revive Hashiku priestess, she helped to achieve the main goal - to seize power in the world. Depending on what side of the fancy, waiting for one or the other fate. After each side their aspirations as strengths and weaknesses. In addition, by selecting the side, should be defined with belonging to the class. Let us enumerate all possible classes. For looting this shooter, Rowdy and scientist, and for Cultist - Assassin, Swashbuckler and Priest.

Peace The Mummy Online filled with horrible creatures. And sooner or later they will appear before you. To meet with these horrible creatures do not become an unpleasant surprise, try to always be prepared!


Join now, and instead of getting bored at your leisure, dive into the atmosphere of unforgettable adventures. Choose the right style of play - alone or with friends - and show itself in all its glory! No matter whether you will plunder the tombs or rule over the dark forces of antiquity, the gameplay will be equally fun! Edward Morgan with his crazy ideas to revive the mummified remains of a powerful ancient Egyptian priestess invites you along! Just started the gameplay, you will learn the consequences of the invasion of the Amarna tomb. Suppose you have difficulty not stop! Good luck!


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