The Order: 1886

Alternative names: The Order: 1886
The Order: 1886 - a game which is scheduled for the third quarter of 2014. Immediately after the official announcement of the project has attracted the attention of the entire gaming audience. The game promises to be a great representative of the genre action adventure. As developers of the project was the famous studio Ready at Dawn. We found out the fact that the game is being developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, information about when the players do not have access to the console will be able to see the full The Order: 1886 pc version at the moment. The project is notable that in the writing of the story involved a famous screenwriter Kirk Ellis, and it means that the game will actually be more than interesting (well, not boring, so for sure). Recall, that Kirk Ellis wrote the script based on the work of David McCullough to the television series "John Adams." When everyone will be able to download The Order: 1886, they promised the developers of the project, will transfer to the atmosphere historically fancy events. The project was a place-related elements with mythology. Fans of science fiction will not be disappointed. New game - a successful combination of the most interesting elements of different genres of adventure. All of the major events of the game will take place in an alternate reality. Gamers will be able to see how well the project developers are London - more precisely, how they would like to represent him. So, in The Order: 1886 play will be plunged into the events of the Victorian era. Wonder how harmoniously and successfully this era able to combine scientific and technological progress and the last remnants of the mystic. Gamer, hitting the gameplay will be reincarnated as a honorary member of one of the most elite chivalry. After entering the game will change your life, because now you become a member of a centuries-old war, and that your actions will determine the future course of history. From the presented during the announcement of the game The Order: 1886 video trailer can understand some of the features of the plot. According to legend, a few centuries ago, the earth had not the easiest times - born children began to appear en masse mutants. Mongrel - as they were called by locals were true mutants, which combined animal and human traits. Mutants did not get along with ordinary people, because of what on earth was fought long war. Liberty and security of people provides an ancient Order, of which you and will be. Our The Order: 1886 review found the game a few subplots associated with political inequality. In addition, the project contains a few characters, the history of which is vaguely reminiscent of real-life heroes. For example, one of the most famous characters in the game is the famous Marquis Lafayette - the man who played a significant role in the French and American revolutions.

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