The Wild Eight

Alternative names: Wild Eyt

Igra The Wild Eight: try to survive.

Esli you think that you have difficulties, then you will never fall on a plane in the middle of the forests of Alaska. Game The Wild Eight translates as"Eight Wild". That so many people left alive after the crash of an airliner, and would be the height of the universal injustice to die for other reasons no longer on the ground. Here tells the story of people who continue to fight for their lives.

Razrabotchik simulator survival Eight Points, and the publisher HypeTrain Digital. Some players have already played in the game The Wild Eight in the spring of 2016, when it was published without a cooperative mode, but only to show the main game features and graphics. Work on the toy continues, and the authors of all time, bring new features, locations and parameters of the characters themselves. The idea received a positive response from fans of the genre, already had time to test it.

Chto happened?

Nevozmozhno imagine that people feel in a falling plane, realizing the approach of death. From this moment begins a new stage of human struggle for existence. To help surviving the group to return home, you need to download The Wild Eight, and in its composition to act according to circumstances.

Ponyatno that all the nerves, and occasionally there are internal conflicts.

Vam will explore the area and make a lot of discoveries. For example, it will be found a secret laboratory, and it is necessary to understand what is going on in it. Among your findings will be abandoned bunkers and unusual items, which also caused a lot of questions. You will chase the terrible secrets, wild animals and mythical creatures, which greatly complicates the task of salvation. Continuing in The Wild Eight play, you need to take care of many things, and therefore very important team spirit. You will be able to play in a single company, but more likely to survive by command option gameplay. iPlayer The Wild Eight in this regard is no exception. At first, your people are weak, but we must try to quickly improve their quality hunter, carpenter, Ranger and other characteristics. Above each member of the scale of life, so you can see how he feels good. At any time, it can start to decrease, because the die can be for various reasons:

  • Ot goloda
  • Holoda
  • Infektsii
  • V mouth volka

Stroyte shelter where you can relax after your journey. Make sure that the night you had a stock of firewood. If you will not fire, you are vulnerable to nocturnal predators, and have to eat raw food. However, with the pharmacy with the necessary drugs, it is still possible to correct. But, even dying, it is hoped to rise, if your friends find a defibrillator, which is not easy to find.


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