Throne Kingdom at War

Alternative names: Throne Kingdom War

Game Throne Kingdom at War: Become a great Lord.

The market of game products now and then there are new proposals.

Life of the ruler. There are enemies and friends here, as well as a kingdom that needs to be developed and protected. There are plenty of enemies around, and therefore attacks on their part will not be uncommon. Together, it is easier and more reliable to repel attacks by those who do not share your views on good neighborly relations.

Sold in a large group of like-minded people, you will also explore the land, fight monsters. You are guaranteed support and assistance in the form of resources and military assistance. Ask them for advice, but do not forget that you are waiting for similar responses.

We wisely, fight bravely.

You will find yourself in a colorful medieval world where there is no modern technology, but there is magic and sharp blades. Become a part of this reality will help Kingdom at War registration, which does not require complex manipulations.

What is still pleasantly surprising is:

Having mentioned the classes, let's see who is represented:

  • Loyal Knights
  • Arrow keys
  • Keepers
  • Investigers
  • Siege troops
  • Cavalry

Stav part of the iPlayer Throne Kingdom at War, is to keep a hand on the pulse of progress.

As it is known that the settlement was viable, residents need homes, taverns, benches. Soldiers need barracks and squares for training. And for the city, warehouses, smithies, sawmills, mines are needed. While mining coal, wood, stone and other minerals, do not forget that the higher the level of mines, the more precious raw materials they will bring. The same applies to other enterprises, they extract the source material or produce the goods.

In game halls everything is interconnected, and so try to pay timely and evenly to all branches of industry. If there are few houses or they do not correspond to the standard of living of the citizens, there will be no one to work, and this will affect the lack of food, uniforms and weapons. Do not forget to pump and warriors, sending them to assignments. The choice of quests is great, and you can choose any, having studied the terms and amount of the reward. Choose those that correspond to the level of pumping your hero, so that his strength is enough to hike and battle with the enemy.

Game of the Throne Kingdom War is constantly being improved, new additions appear, so you will not have to miss. By joining the players, you will become a part of their close-knit family, and soon get your first assignment after a little training.


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