Time for a hero

Alternative names: Time to be hero

Timetobehero - the story of the Titans revival

Game Time for the hero was another product that filled the game world with a fantasy storyline and the possibility of playing in the PvP manner. It was released by the Russian studio 2RealLife in January 2015, which already has experience in the development of multiplayer toys. After the testing time allowed to a wide audience, it was announced that it would be officially launched, and now everyone can play for the hero in real time and from any platform, including mobile.

You go to the universe of the Necklace of Worlds to find the three Gods who caused the death of the creators and rulers of this world - the Titans. On the trail of the ancients are the clans of Orlov and Lviv, anticipating revenge to the offenders and the disclosure of their secrets.

Each hero has his own characteristics and combat skills, but as dozens of battles remain behind them, they will become even more experienced, stronger, more agile, more tenacious. Their armor and weapons will be tempered in battle, and their characters will become stronger than granite. They will be helped by reincarnations of masks that can change the characteristics and characteristics of the battle.

The exciting story takes you deep into the conflict that has arisen between alliances, clans and orders that defend their own political and economic interests. If Time for the hero to download, you will find out the origins of the situation, and try to unravel the tangle of conspiracies, betrayal, long-standing hostility that led to the death of the Titans.

Gaming features

  • A set of skills that the player chooses to upload to his character, are selected according to the situation. They are available after a time, and do not depend on the activity of the gamer.
  • Mask of monsters become available when performing different actions. Each mask has the characteristics of a particular monster and, wearing it, the character completely reincarnates into it, acquiring characteristic skills, abilities, strength and power.
  • Monster Den must be cleaned alone and in a group during a PvE game. Groups are formed by chance or by prior arrangement.
  • Turn-based slot-fight.
  • You can also fight in PvP mode against other players in the arena, and get trophies.
  • Before starting a battle with a monster, study its characteristics and find out which items you can shake out of it.
  • For diversity, regular game developers offer contests and announce events.
  • Daily visit Time for iPlayer hero promises different gifts - useful things for the game. Each time their value will increase.

battles there is nothing to tell about - everything is simple. You and the enemy converge on the court and deliver three hits. Identifying the loser is also easy, since only the winner remains. There are many tasks, and only have time to do them. But each is encouraged by a useful surprise in the form of things, experience, or coins.

More other useful details

All buildings in a location carry certain functions, and the map shows worlds: eagle, lion, flame, and unknown territory not yet discovered. Going to the menu to choose: weapons, equipment, amulets and elixirs, you will not only offer them at a certain price, but also hint about the possibilities, indicating their level. To acquire a truly worthwhile product, you need to complete quests and strive for victory. This brings the missing amount of specie.

Join the Timetobehero community, and become a representative of one of the clans to help revive the former glory of the Necklace of Worlds, bringing the Titans back to life. The task is not easy, but only so that its residents will have hope for happiness.


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