Alternative names: TitanFall, Titan Foll, TitanFol

Titanfall game is a computer sci-fi online game that the polls must conquer the many users of the game world. This game is a simulator of fur. Titanfall unique game will be released in March 2014.

In game Titanfall registration is very simple. In order to register in the game Titanfall You must specify the following:

1) your email address.

2) a password, which is used only in this game.

Play game Titanfall you'll be on the side of one of the factions

1) Pilots - they have different skills. The most important thing for pilots - is fighting to earn certification. Pilots fighting skills depend only on you.

2) Titans - they are engaged in transporting cargo and repair spaceships. They are also used in search and rescue operations.

In the browser game you will play Titanfall in the world, which is called Frontier.

Here you will find endless possibilities, if you perform the necessary rules.

In Titanfall online there is a special unit, the militia. This militia is the armed forces of the frontier. In the Militia you meet

1. Settlers - Frontier area residents.

2. Criminals - they are nothing to worry about any threats, they you best beware.

3. Pirates - cunning and ingenious criminals.

4. Mercenaries - perform mission urgent importance.

All Militia divided into special teams. They are assigned to a particular sector. In principle, all teams do not differ from the usual pirate teams, but they always have with them the most essential resources that make them incredibly ambitious.

Opponents of the Militia is IMC (The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation) . In fact, the most important mission Militia considered confrontation IMC. However, not all participants Militia think so.

Hammond Engineering - this is the first name of the IMC. While it was a small company that is constantly engaged in natural resource extraction. Their knowledge is increasing all the time and have started to bring a huge income. As a result of the huge formations, the organization has evolved into a huge corporation.

Their growth of physical capital to grow in their greed, with the result that certain tasks they could use hard power.

If you are a real fan of online games Titanfall, then you can buy the collector's edition of Titanfall. Limited number of publications.

Order a pre-game client for your platform fee for 1199 rubles.

Immerse yourself in the game world Titanfall free along with your friends. Rate the creation of the world from the creators of computer game Call of Duty.

Choose your side, for which you will be ready to fight, no matter what. Be one of the first gamers game world Titanfall.

Show that you are a real player and ready for some serious battles and these victories! Good luck to you in this incredible and unforgettable online game!






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