Tom Slantsys Tae Division

Alternative names: Tom Clancy Division

game Tom Clancy's The Division: a world on the brink of disaster.

As far as people are able to survive in a biological attack? That question has puzzled the game Tom Clancy's The Division of the development team in Sweden & ndash; Ubisoft Massive, America & ndash; Red Storm and Britain & ndash; Ubisoft Reflect, and publisher Ubisoft, which is preparing exclusive content on Xbox One. In addition to this platform, you can buy the game for the PlayStation 4, and Tom Clancy's The Division download for the PC.

release date several times sounded and moved. In May 2014 it was removed in the summer of 2015, but then announced a new release date & ndash; 8 March 2016 year.

The game itself is the beginning of the game series, which only appear to be, as it relates to the genre of MMORPG shooter that promises to fans of dynamic shooters zavarushku.

Subject side.

It is a tradition that all the disasters happening in America, and the events of this game, too, takes place in New York in Manhattan near future. How people behave, if there is a biological disaster? How quickly the infection spreads, and what proportion of the population will be viable and ready to engage the enemy?

On the first day in hospitals run out of space. Under Quarantine hit most areas on the second day. Then hit the stock exchange, lost electricity and water, shops were empty, and the people became enemies. For such situations create a special division of the people who work in a peaceful environment engineers, doctors, police officers, academics, and so on. d. but they are trained to operate in extreme danger, and now they have to fight against the virus, and the forces responsible for its occurrence.

How successful is the work of a team depends on the players who decide to download Tom Clancy's The Division and involved in the mission. It all begins in Manhattan, on the territory of the increase will be available to new areas.

can be collected on the 4 participants in the group, and the system will select mates close characteristics. The authors promise that join the game in the form of a dragon helper will be with a special mobile application via smartphone or tablet.

gaming products designed for the passage of the command, although it is not excluded single action, but in this case will have to adapt to the world, which is influenced by the other players.

Before you open world Tom Clancy's The Division on the PC and the characters without reference to certain professions, classes or races. In the beginning, we open all the skills, but their emergence and development depends on the activity of action gamers.

Agents organization backpack equipped with the necessary things for the next 72 hours.

anticipating the start and select.

  • The Collector's Edition includes the addition Ze Division Hazmat Gear Set, a season ticket, a poster, a booklet with the basics of the game, shoulder bag and working hours agent.

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