Torchlight 2

Alternative names: Torchlight 2

Game Torchlight 2 is a computer game developed in the style of Action / RPG, which was released in 2012. This game is a continuation of the first part of the game.

Download Torchlight 2 You can free from the official website, but you will be available in this case only a demo version of the game. The full version, you can download games Torchlayt 2 for $ 9.99.

View video about Torchlight 2 is desirable every new player who does not know the basic features of the game. This video is located on the site of the game or youtube .


In game play Torchlight 2 as described in this report, as well as you can see on the rules of the game as a trial video.

Only in the game Torchlight 2 classes are divided into 4 types:

1. Engineer (Engineer) - this is the tough fighter at close range. In addition to melee, he can join the fight at long distance, but then the melee will be closed to him. This class is aimed at applying the greatest amount of damage.

2. Peregrine (Outlander) - a class of wandering nomads, which are used in battles ranged weapons and magic of the weakest. They can use spells that restrain, stun and slow down the enemy. Some spells may increase the attack speed of the class.

3. Berserker (Berserker) - is a unique class that best manifests itself in the melee, but it is weaker than endurance Engineer. The advantage of this class is a high critical damage and high attack speed. Health in Berserker class is quite weak, so for him to be well monitored. It can cause allies, and apply massive debilitating spells that reduce the performance of enemies. Berserkers most similar to classic Barbarians.

4. Mag Embera (Embermage) is a class ranged, which is similar to the classic wizards. Mages can be used to carry out attacks on long distances, but at the same time and fight in melee. Some spells they can cause all kinds of damage, and make different kinds of traps. Magee Embera have the ability to teleport a surprise attack, and the ability to escape from the battlefield. Have spells of mass destruction, but despite this they are very weak.

In the first part of the game was only 3 class.


In-Game Torchlight II has not only single-user mode, but there is still the possibility of the passing game in cooperative mode. The maximum number of people in this mode - six. To play in cooperative mode you need to connect to the Internet or just a local connection.

However, it is worth noting that the number of players will depend the number of opponents: the more players, the more enemies. Rules of the game and its passage are not changed.



Torchlayt Game 2 of the first part is much improvements and prepared a lot of surprises for you. Install it on your computer and go with friends or alone on an exciting journey.


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