Alternative names: Torment

Torment online - this is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in the style of fantasy, where there is the unique atmosphere of the Dark Ages.

Torment online game does not require installation of the game client, but if you wish you can download and install that will provide additional opportunities for a more comfortable game. Torment can play in any popular browser.

Initially, the online game Torment, predlagagaet activationless opportunity to play and decide for yourself, worth registrtrovatsya and play again or not.

If the test liked the game, then Next to continue, we need not complicated Register Torment: in the registration field, enter the name of the future character, password, e-mail, date of birth, choose gender, enter the special code in the specified field and complete the whole procedure acceptance of the terms of the agreement. Registration on this game Torment finished, you can continue the game!

So we created character estosnovne parameters: Experience, Stats, Skills, Modifiers, Non-combat options, title and Addiction. Now closer look at all of these options:

Experience - persrnazh it will get in fights;

Article - is fighting a character that affect the course of the battle. There are basic stats (Strength, viability, Int), and the model article (Instinct, Composure, Celerity, Agility)

Skills - all of them are divided into groups (Possession of weapons, Martial, Shield, General Development, Mobility, Medical, Training, Magic)

Modifiers - they affect the character's special combat abilities (Crit, dodging, Engagement, Reflection), except modifiers, there is antimodifikatory;

Non-combat parameters - characteristics that have no direct effect on the fight (Valor, Karma, Level Title, clan, place of birth, age and a few more)

Title - it depends on the speed of karma character and valor;

Addiction - Players who have reached the fifth level is available, one of the four inclinations (Light, Order, Chaos, Darkness).

Torment online game, which has many different buildings that are located in the town of Macondo. Here is a brief list of these buildings: Shop booze Bank, Version, Battle Citadel Hospital, Blacksmith, Marketplace, Stone War Coast.

In buildings in the game a lot of different locations, but the most important of all the locations are - the place of execution and Area Five Points.

Torment online game has a well developed trading system. There's Shop (where you can buy or sell goods), Marketplace (here you can submit your application for the sale of goods), Auction and Bidding.

In this game there are four kinds of currencies. This: Thaler (main currency of the game), Solid (can buy the "real"), Kroon (analog solidus, but the difference is that they can not be transferred to other characters) Nortmarki (they get for completing quests and attracted referrals).

In order to play the game online Torment effectively in the arsenal of the game has a very large selection of items and weapons. Here are some of the things in the game: Bracelets, Armor, Dubina, Daggers, Rings, spears, swords, shoes, necklaces, gloves, belts, rings, axes, helmets, shields, and more, not less useful for games.

Of course, as with many other games, there are creatures that you can tame, and that will help in the fight. Control animals in the battle is not necessary, it alone will make decisions based on the situation, and to provide necessary assistance. All animals have their own characteristics, which affect their ability to combat it: Life Armor, Damage and the strike zone. The animal can be bought in shops, on the Exchange, on the auction or tender.

Play the game online Torment be through many different quests, for whose completion will be given certain rewards.

The game has an opportunity to join a Clan and Guild, or to create them.

If during the game there will be some game questions, you can ask for support.

In this review, the details have not all features of this game, there has a lot of interesting features. Separates from it all just Torment online registration. So, I hope to play Torment will not be bored!


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