Alternative names: Torpia

Going into the mysterious world of Torpia online , the player is offered a choice: join the side of good, doing things that do not hurt anyone, or go on the side of evil, rob and kill.

Minimum system requirements, so that in Torpia play, satisfy all those who have an internet connection.

The game has two servers:

· World 1

· World 2 (Best Selection) [_3_ ]

For registration in the game Torpia need

Sign in torpia . Ru .

Click the red button "Register now for free."

Fill in personal details:

1. Select Server

2. Choosing good or evil

3. Name

4. Password

5. Mailbox

6. Introduction and confirmation of the terms and conditions for Torpia registered [ _10_]

The first and most important task, which the player must perform, it is a choice

· Does he want to be noble economist and develop Thorpe in the game through the development of their country, building houses and factories, breed animals and engage in trade with neighboring countries.

· Or, edit the forces of evil, Shelters bandits, train soldiers victories and obtain weapons to confront the enemy.

Play game Torpia on the good side - it is engaged primarily in manufacturing products for trade. In this case the player gets

Five basic raw materials

· Wood

· Stones

· Iron ore

· Food

· People

Four kinds of byproducts

· Board

· Iron ingots

· Gold bullion

· Horse

Six kinds of industrial products

· Coins

· Bows

· Crossbows

· Spears

· Swords

· Shields

Thirty construction sites

· Five of them reserved for defensive wall hut lumberjack career and two mines

Nineteen buildings

· Fountain of them life and City Hall, which indestructible

On the side of evil play Torpia , no less interesting. To begin with, you should understand whether the player to cooperate with the forces of good and buy their weapons or produce it with robberies.

In the town of bandits there are ten types of troops

· Axeman

· Archers

· Crossbowmen

· Lancers

· Swordtails

· Light Cavalry

· Knights

· Rams

· Ballista

· Trebushery

During the game, the player collects charms, finding them with the sorcerer who lives in a temple. From amulets scrolls are manuscripts, very important for victory.

Reaching the final game Torpia , the player can not take part in it, unless it is a member of the fraternity.

Choosing a brotherhood, we must pay attention to its purpose, they should coincide with the aim of the player.

Each fraternity there are rules that must be followed. Fraternity members help each other at any time.

Brotherhood, the first to collect all the charms and get all the scrolls manuscript - wins and receives free crown.

Play the game online Torpia possibly as a founder and leader of the brotherhood. Founder has the ability to manage the rules of brotherhood and fraternity members post. There are three positions, the inhabitants of the brotherhood

· Master [ _183_] - can invite new members and change profile

· Trainee [ _183_] - can invite new members

· Brother [ _183_] - Party

The game takes the coexistence of good and evil. Players different sides need each other to supply food and weapons for protection. According to this, starting to play, you need to think carefully about the strategy on which to play and which to reach.


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