Renaissance War Rules

Alternative names: Total Domination Reborn

Rules of War Renaissance game on the shards of civilization.

Company Plarium Global Ltd presents its next development of the Rules of War Revival. The game is available for all kinds of mobile devices in several languages, and Russian too. Since this is a multi-player toy with an emphasis on the interaction of players, you need constant access to the Internet.

Rules of War Renaissance download can be completely free, but also provided for donate, when for some things have to pay real money. To exclude casual expenses, especially if your phone gets into wrong hands, set the password in the settings, which will be known only to you. As for the plot, it is built around the attempts of humanity to survive. This struggle for existence has been going on for a long time, but more recently, another aggression of artificial intelligence"Morgan"joined the continuing nuclear war and the terrible epidemic.

The main game features.

The developer tries to make their products universal. Due to this, users can choose a convenient option for themselves to install on a mobile phone or download the War Renaissance Rules on the computer. Any version adheres to a single storyline and provides the same opportunities, so it's a matter of taste. The only refinement if you install it simultaneously on both machines, the script will not intersect, developing completely apart on different sources.

Main features of the game process:

What's interesting about it?

  • The distribution model follows the principle of Free-to-play
  • Toys (both mobile and browser) are available to players from all over the world
  • Adjusted in several languages
  • Plugs must interact by joining together in groupings
  • Back up the defense against the enemy
  • Keep in the missions
  • Get awards for daily game attendance
  • The post-apocalyptic world has long been a convenient topic, and was repeatedly played out both in the cinema and on the virtual expanses of the World Wide Web. Game Rules of War Revival has become one of the variations, and if you are not indifferent to the fate of humanity, safely join the millions of participants who have already joined the struggle for the revival of Earth Zero.

    When these lands were a real paradise, but progress turned into a curse, a war began with the use of nuclear weapons. As a result, people began to die, and the survivors gradually become mutants. But if with this for many years mankind has learned to put up, then the artificial mind"Morgan"rebelling against them brought new problems. Its only purpose is to free the planet from the remnants of the human race.

    Rules of War Renaissance game acts according to the usual principle of MMO strategies to unite players to fight the enemy. In this case, the enemy is not alone, because you can resist mutants and aggressively minded participants. Even allies should not be trusted completely, because they can betray by choosing a more profitable transaction for themselves.

    Game Total Domination Reborn, this is a military-economic strategy. You have to develop mines in search of minerals, develop your settlement and personal skills. You can hire dozens of types of infantry, as well as military equipment. Meet the technologies of the future, which effectively coexist with ancient charms and amulets. Participate in the most complex missions, develop strategies, find mysterious artifacts, and everything for the most important task of gamers is the confrontation between Morgan and her creeps.


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