Total Influence

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Game Overview Total Influence

Total Influence online - is a multiplayer game in the style Postapokaliptika no monthly fees.

System requirements for the game are as follows:

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7

Processor with a clock speed of 1.4 GHz


Video: 3D hardware accelerator with 128 MB VRAM

Sound Card compatible with DirectX 9. 0

DirectX 9. 0c

Keyboard and mouse


If you have a computer Vista, make sure that was set compatibility with Windows XP.

Join in the game Total Influence is primarily a jump required client - a program that optimizes Internet traffic simplifies uploading graphics. Once you have downloaded it, the client will be automatically updated as necessary. With updates, going into Total Influence Online registration, you can get new features, items, will also be available to new landfills. Total Influence registration itself is very simple - you need to enter your desired username (the name under which you will be enrolled in the game), password and e-mail to confirm your account.

Thereafter Total Influence Online game prompts you to select one of the two servers on which the game is - Nevada and Arizona. The difference between the servers is that Nevada was open later and there is less concentration of experienced players that will soon break out in the novice star battles. However, if you feel skilled enough to battle with experienced fighters, begin to play the game Total Influence Online server Arizona.

In one account, you can create up to five different players. You will be prompted to choose a nickname - the name for the character's gender and appearance of your fighter. The game starts with you as a team will be two random mercenary. You start in the location (at the site) Reservation, but its global map, you will see many more locations. Each location is a city with the county, and has a unique feature of warfare, its landscape, its limitations make items. Location is:

- Forest,

- With different types of urban developments,

- Locations where the training mercenaries

- A special prison location for those who violated the rules of the game,

- Bases and checkpoints that you can capture his clan.

- Special locations in the form of pits, where the player can extract valuable minerals.

Total Influence Online Game has three kinds of characters:

- Three dog breeds

- People

- Miners.

Each of these three has its own kind of weapons and armor, as well as the combat system.

Weapons in the game there are species such as

- Automatic

- Ranged,

- Throwing,

- Heavy

- Easy

- Melee,

- Miner.

To play online game Total Influence in combat mode, you need to enter the special arena in which there are three kinds of fights:

- Of survival,

- Wall to wall,

- Team battle.

Every battle has its own characteristics and tactics of his victory in it. To equalize the chances of players, all the battles are divided into five-level ranges involving players with similar levels of development. Just when you play Total Influence, you will have six skills, corresponding to the six types of weapons. Originally developed skill by 35%, but when you use a weapon, this skill increases as increases its damage. Total Influence Online game uses antinakrut system and skill development at each stage has its limitations. Skills can be improved by using special implants - on umelku, health, armor, capacity, production. In addition there are special skills perks (bonuses for certain skills), who studied for a fee

- Survivability

- Heavy

- Cybernetics

- Masters of different battlefield.

In dogs and miners also has its perks, such as a dog - the ability to open doors.

History of the World game begins with a top-secret military experiment carried out in the U.S. in 1941. As a result of this experiment was the passage is an unknown land, or a planet, or a parallel universe, or to a remote corner of the earth. In this area showed sverhneobhodimy land for the XXI century crystal and numerous mercenaries went to extract it - or take away from others. In order to not only survive that and succeed in this world devoid of the usual rules of civilization, must be able to fight well and pick a team to taste.

Total Influence in order to play, proved himself an excellent commander and fighter knows no fear!


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