Total War Warhammer

Alternative names: Total War Warhammer

The game Total War Warhammer: fantastic strategy.

British studio Creative Assembly has proved a prolific developer, firing on the gaming market 8 Total War series, and 22. 04. 2015 announced the 9 th part. Client MMO Total War Warhammer game with elements of turn-based strategy at the same time will be the first of a trilogy of Warhammer, and will be released 28. 04. 2016

player immersed in the epic battle unfolding between the human race and giant monsters, orcs, dwarves, undead, scary magical creatures, and other representatives of the fantasy world. The great opposition will meet with powerful wizards and flying creatures in the form of dragons and Wyverns, which makes the gameplay in a living, spectacular action.

Developer and distributor of Sega is working on versions for different platforms, and Total War Warhammer will be possible to download OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux.



Swords swords and spells!

The player's task is to create a powerful empire, and for this you have to show not only the talent of the conqueror, but also fine diplomat, visionary economist, and even crafty spy. At this point in the story presented 4 factions:

  • Imperiya - powerful kingdom of men, led by Carl Franz seeking to consolidate smaller county, turning them into a powerful force capable to oppose the enemy tribe.
  • Greenskins - Community fantasy monsters: trolls, goblins, orcs, and more. They are opposed to all, and get pleasure from the war itself. They aim to destroy the rest of the race, while under the influence WAAAGH psychic energy.
  • Dwarfs - are busy defending their own territories and fortresses. Under the guidance of the leader Torgrimoma they come to the surface from their hideouts to destroy enemies. Excellent craftsmen in construction, and in the battle prefer to use axes and unique arrangements.
  • Vampires - undead representatives of the other world, which are the leaders of the powerful forward. Nobody knows what they want, but they carry with them a serious threat to all living creatures.

Fans of such stories is download Total War Warhammer, to lead the chosen race, and  privesti it to victory. The script is written a lot of characters, and the clash between the races happens all the time. Use the right balance of power, to win and win a prize in the form of a hammer of Sigmar, or Gal- Maraza, as it is called.

Against you will be performing trolls, swordsmen, archers, and even spiders. The shamans and sorcerers are able to mix a whole army of enemies, and considerable assistance will have the priests, witch hunters, grimgory, warriors, become at your side.

Each race in the Total War Warhammer on the PC has the character, skills and mindset that makes it unique and determines the behavior on the battle arena. After selecting a race, it is necessary to take into account these factors and if the Empire pays more attention to diplomacy, while others prefer to develop the economy and military prowess.



Game features.

Warhammer Total War promises to be the best project of the genre, and developers can be proud that at this early stage could be interested in public information players. Already we can note the moments of special inspiration:

  • Detalizirovannaya portrayal of the characters and lokatsiy
  • Velikolepnaya animatsiya
  • Effektnye batalii
  • Nalichie special assignments and bonusov
  • Ogromny world universe Warhammer
  • Boi underground, ground and with"Aviation"
  • Prisutstvie magic along with the usual oruzhiem
  • Chetyre bright rasy

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