Trainz 2012. Your Railway

Alternative names: Trainz 2012. Your Railway

System requirements:

Processor: Pentium D 3. 4 GHz


Video: 128 MB

Disk Space: 16 GB


Trainz 2012. Your Railway - full simulation of train control all grades and colors, ranging from steam locomotives and ending with modern high-speed trains. Uniform, and even a little calming soothing sound of wheels, flashing outside scenery and line railroad tracks, stretching to the horizon, that's what the train ride to trainz simulator 2012. But all this romance of the road there is a downside. Who are the boys and even some girls at a huge iron trains, did not want to be in his cab and go on a long journey. Train oil smell, headwind, all this game trainz simulator 2012 unable to implement. However, all other joys and management features long trains, passenger or freight trains in trainz 2012

Implemented at a high level.


Train departs


In trainz simulator 2012 everything will not be limited to only running train, you will be subject to the arrows, road junctions and other usual attributes of the life of the railway. You will learn how to quickly and easily understand the huge amount of stitches railways realize that means all kinds of traffic signs, learn all kinds of semaphore signals. In trainz 2012 can be managed not one but several trains, and you can you get as a driver of one of the compounds or control all aerial. Trainz simulator 2012 game will take you to constantly adjust the position of temporary, because the accuracy of the train for one of the most important qualities. Assignments will always depend on the time when you will need a certain time to deliver passengers or freight, the path is not lost in the complex interweaving of railways. In full simulation mode, your task will be even more complicated, since it will be necessary to constantly monitor the speed of, depending on the load you are carrying, otherwise disaster will be avoided. And if you are bored with modern trains in Trainz 2012. Your Railway have the opportunity to sit on a classic steam train and spend it on historical routes.




The main innovation of the last part of the train simulator was the advanced editor, where you will be able to create your own world. Here is where to turn except laying next kilometers of ways you can refine landscapes, planting trees, erecting houses and changing the landscape on your own. This colorful and almost infinite in its capabilities designer, has a wide selection of trains and cars, and you'll be able to collect the composition of their dreams and send it to you created the same way. The whole game gallery has more than 400 operating units actual train equipment, ranging from classic steam units and ending with super modern high-speed trains. All models with extreme accuracy were transferred into digital form and you can be sure that you will be presented exactly the car or train, as it exists or existed, including even the smallest details.


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