Transformers Universe

Alternative names: Transformers Universe
Transformers Universe game is designed as a multi-user, browser-ekshin. At its core, it is sci-fi, in the genre of MMORPG. The basis of the project are fast-paced battles with a vast selection of game modes, focused mainly on hardcore gamers, casual audience and, of course, for fans of Transformers (the game is, in fact, for them and created! ). Technical equipment characters amazes super modern and special effects excitement heated confrontation participants. Nothing like you hitherto in games of such a plan is not observed, which is only striking magnitude. The distinctive point of the game - no age limit for participants. Transformers Universe This review will introduce you to the most important and interesting moments of gameplay. The protagonist of the game to lead a squad of Transformers. Together with players from your faction you will have to confront the enemy faction representatives in order to achieve certain goals. For these actions will be submitted to your attention a set of edges, each of which has a unique card. In addition, the game has a separate card, which you can explore, with which you can communicate with gamers from his faction and fight enemies. In its composition Transformers Universe pc contains two factions: the Autobots and Decepticons. Autobot Front-Line (advanced) - huge size robot that takes the battle on the first blow. Conduit - so named because electricity passes and generates electric charges. Clearly see how this happens, you will be able to Transformers Universe video - trailer. The gameplay is aimed at group play. There will be a choice between the regime and the random key players. As detachment commander transformers you can dial in the numbers of new soldiers to form teams and fight other players. I want to draw your attention that when you create a character has an opportunity to make a nice change to the appearance of characters: change the color of the head, hands and other body parts. One of the features of the game is to create a very unique items and change settings of existing things. For example, you can modify the vehicle. Download Transformers Universe is possible without any complications, it is only necessary to visit the official website of the game and using the tips perform this action, which takes a minimum of your time. Of course, there is much to long and delineate and touted the benefits of this game project, but as long as you do not dive into this world of adventure, it's just there are stories. So, start to play more Transformers Universe! Believe me, you'll be impressed and satisfied! Even after the game continues to draw imagination battles with worthy contenders and indisputable victory over them.

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