Transformers Universe

Alternative names: Transformers Universe, Transformers universe
Output Transformers Universe game fans have been waiting for these robots. In the spring of this year to test a new project could some lucky, become parties to the closed beta. Today, the game is available in the open beta test, which means that many fans of the Transformers will finally be able to meet its interest and learn the same, what they cooked game. Large-scale, very realistic (as far as applicable to the subject of transformers) and exciting game Transformers Universe immediately won the hearts of millions. Its great advantage - it browser-based. Therefore, before the start of the gameplay to bother with downloading multi-megabyte clients and programs do not have to. What is the truth to become part of the project Transformers Universe registration is required certainly. So far, the game page for Russian gamers are not adapted, but what do you say, as an experienced person will be able to deal with everything easily: By following the link Play Free, bring up a page with the registration form to be filled for the successful start of the gameplay. The first two lines will need to write your e-mailbox. In the following fields, enter a password and confirm it. At the end, enter your date of birth and complete the registration. Once the next step, select the unit for which you want to fight, and give the name of his hero. As you can see, nothing complicated. Start in Transformers Universe you can play with almost no delay. Getting to the project, you become a commander of the Transformers. Good or evil - you decide. Autobots - the good robots. Decepticons - villains, strongly disturb the peace. Since Transformers Universe online-game, to carry out tasks in splendid isolation you do not have. Around you will be constantly other gamers from around the world. To cope with this or that mission, sometimes it is necessary to cooperate with other players. The project offers a large-scale map of the game world, the study of which will take time. Here you can meet and fight monsters, or just chat with the Allies. Made out to one of the presentations Transformers Universe video trailer learn that the protagonists characters have unique abilities that enable them to significantly diversify the gameplay. Although the mechanics of the fight and it looks simple enough to call it boring do not dare. Yet the human factor plays an important role in the gameplay, and it makes the project quite unpredictable. Transformers Universe will continue our review of the story of the various game modes. First you need to be trained. Simple, but giving to understand what surprises prepared a game, the job will quickly introduce in the course of affairs. Multiplayer - batch mode, in which at a certain location two groups fighting. Casual mode gives vent to imagination - the plot missions selected regardless of faction. Meteor Storm - gamers to control several meteorites with a huge reserve of energy. In this mode, play Transformers Universe should command. The one who first scores 1000 points wins. Mode Old Jasper held on the territory of a ghost town. the main task of gamers - to save some vehikonov, attack enemy gun and fight terrorkonami. Prepared a lot of surprises project. Some parts of the game are still being improved. It develops gradually, and being made in the gaming genre unique, attracts many professional players that will not be bored for sure.

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