Alternative names: Travian

At the beginning you own a small village with only one building. In TRAVIAN there are four types of resources: wood, clay, iron and crop. Before you go to the construction of buildings, should take care of resource extraction. Once you establish production resources, you can go to the development of the central part of your village. Build a warehouse and granary, you can store more resources and cache helps protect them from raids opponents. World TRAVIAN you are not alone. Here you play with thousands of other players. Most important to you are the players from the surrounding area of ​​your village. The card allows you to inspect the location of other players near your settlements.


Overview: Here you will find your resource fields

Village: In the village center you can build buildings

Map: Here you can explore the surroundings of the village

Statistics: Tables with others from

Reports: Information on all the events in your village

Messages: Send and read personal messages

Now you have all the necessary knowledge for the game. You can start the game immediately after the registration.



Legionnaires - simple and versatile infantry Romans. Combat units of this type of troops multilateral development: they perform well both in attack and defense. But still, their main purpose - to protect the settlements from the Roman Empire horse enemy units.

Prerequisites for research: None

Prerequisites for training: Barracks


Praetorians long pass defense skills training for further service in the Senate as the Life Guards. Its legendary glory they deserve thanks to its excellent ability to close combat against enemy infantry. However, the Praetorians are not capable of a powerful attack, and not so skillful and strong defense against cavalry, as their brothers in arms - legionaries.

Prerequisites for research: Akademiyauroven 1 Forge armor level 1

Prerequisites for training: Barracks

Imperian -

Imperian - unit attacking troops of Rome. It is fast and strong in attack than defense terrifies the enemy troops.

However, to pay for everything - training Imperians quite long and expensive.

Prerequisites for research: Academy level 5, Blacksmith level 1

Prerequisites for training: Barracks

Horse reconnaissance

Reconnaissance unit Rome. Pretty quick soldiers, however, consumes 2 units of grain per hour. Accurate information about the number of enemy troops and fortifications - the success in any war. Only scout able to sneak into the enemy village and get the necessary information about the amount of resources and protection.

If there is no enemy in the village scouts, the scouting remains unnoticed.

Prerequisites for research: Stable level 1, Academy level 5

Prerequisites for training: Stable

Cavalry Emperor

This is the standard cavalry Romans, for raids and sudden fast attacks. Cavalry troops of the emperor is not as fast as the Gallic thunder, but strong in attack and defense than bringing terror to an unprepared opponent. However, it should be borne in mind that the provision of horse and rider cost is not cheap!

Prerequisites for research: Stable uroven10, Academy level 5

Prerequisites for training: Stable


Ram is a heavy support weapon for the Roman infantry and cavalry. Its objective is the destruction of the Roman walls, fences or Gallic rampart Germans. Thereby facilitating the use of rams immediate tasks infantry and cavalry. But the Rams should not let the attack without the support of other troops, because they themselves are weak.

Higher and stronger defensive fortifications, the more you need rams for their destruction.

Prerequisites for research: Academy level 10, Workshop level 1

Prerequisites for training: Workshop



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