Travian kingdoms

Alternative names: Travian Kingdom

The Travian Kingdoms browser game was released in March 2015. It will take you to ancient times, when the Gauls and the Romans were constantly at enmity, proving their superiority. But now the Germans have joined them. Taking the position of one of the representatives, you will find yourself in the thick of things, building and developing the city, recruiting troops, looking for allies and fighting with enemies.

To play Travian Kingdoms, you only need a computer and an Internet connection. While you are familiar with PC management, the developers are preparing a version that will be available on mobile phones.

As in any strategy, many different steps have to be taken, paying attention to details that affect the final result.

About planned opportunities and possible events

First of all, choose your tribe:

  • Germans
  • Gally
  • Rimlyane

Stav at the head of the people, you have to make it strong, so the neighbors respect you, and some were afraid. At first it is a small village that is easy to defeat, but gradually it will turn into a town, then into a fortified fortress. Secure your army:

  • Weapons
  • Housing
  • Resources

Neighboring relations also need attention, and you should determine who among them will become your opponent and who will be an ally. Since each settlement is controlled by a real player, this requires Travian Kingdoms registration.

Explore the possibilities of nearby tribes before declaring war on them. It is important that you manage to develop your own army, equipping it with the necessary experience and weapons to ensure victory. In battles you will be able to seize new lands rich in minerals; wood-bearing forests; fields that grow grain. Successful missions raise your status and you will soon be appointed king or emperor.

We are confirmed in battles

To ideally conduct your campaign, you need to know some of the features of each nation and the nuances of battle.

  • Gally defend better, defending their positions.
  • German troops show zeal and successfully attack.
  • The Roman Legion is the golden mean in which both possibilities are balanced.
  • While planting an alien city, the warriors use catapults and seek to destroy the enemy, seize territory.
  • During the usual raid - they are engaged in robbery.

The choice of the role of a manager in the Travian Kingdoms iPlayer also determines the path of development:

  • The governor is closely involved in the economy, but he has to pay for his well-being.
  • The King multiplies military power and deals with diplomatic matters. Also on his shoulders lies the care of the vassals.

External attributes of Travian Kingdoms

The first thing that distinguishes Travian Kingdoms among other toys is the ability to transform their characters outwardly, giving them a traditional look depending on the tribe (Gaul, Roman or German). With the help of clothes and all kinds of noses, eyes, mouths, mustache and hairstyles make them look menacing or good-natured.

The troops attacking you will throw aggressive looks, but the defenders remain calm. Contrasting borders of states are easily identified if you look at the map of the area. The buildings change their appearance from the shacks to more beautiful buildings in the spirit of the Middle Ages.

The game was released as an addition to the Travian universe, but it turned into a separate version and successfully passed the exam on the appreciation of the public. It has preserved the well-honed gameplay capabilities, and the new features that have emerged are more concerned with external attributes, which have already been mentioned. So play, enjoying the historical story with a military-economic bias.


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