Trials Evolution: Gold Edition

Alternative names: Trials Evolution: Gold Edition

System requirements:

Processor: Intel Core ® 2 Duo E6700 or AMD Athlon64 X2 6000 +

RAM: 2 GB and above

Video Card: GeForce 8800 GT / Radeon HD 3850

Free space on hard disk: 4 GB

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition - a special edition of the popular arcade racing motorcycles with access to a wealth of mind-blowing stunts and jumps. In the Gold Edition of the game became part of the original arcade and two additions to it - Riders of Doom and the Origin of Pain. Unlike the console version of the game that was released for most platforms platformers year earlier, trials evolution gold edition pc version has an extended list of available missions and game modes.


Trials evolution gold edition 2013 not control is complex and generally looks quite simple. The game resembles the old eight-bit pixel race on motorcycles, but with more interesting and sophisticated graphics. As a rule, before us will be a motorcycle, which we will see just from one angle - side. Under the motorcycle will be something similar to the track, like, because we rarely occurs exactly straight, and will mainly spend time jumping with huge boulders on the other huge boulders, swinging platforms, building construction, burning oil derricks scattered from a giant wheel dump trucks and a lot more. The main task of uniting all game levels Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is catchy track to pass over a certain period of time in order to win one of the three medals. Precisely in order to play and how to achieve them, and the main difference is the usual dirt and trials evolution gold edition, fans tend to buy that non-trivial task. If in normal races, everything is easy - press on the gas and try to enter into the turns, and the movement is forward and forward only, then Trials evolution gold edition in 2013 a completely different game. Here, the player will have no time to back off, to prepare for the jump, balance on one wheel, and even do cartwheels ago - all to achieve a given level goals.

Risk - a noble cause

Game captures immediately and permanently and it's not mind-blowing graphics or intricate gameplay, and a drive and adrenaline, which is not more than enough for one game. With each new level trials evolution gold edition pc is put in front of you all the new tasks, gradually increasing their complexity, forcing the search for new approaches to risk and to fulfill all the conditions necessary for victory. Often you will wait unexpected surprises when you have to pass a line on a motorcycle with a broken tank, losing fuel or be deprived of the bike brakes. But that's not all, because witty developers can replace your bike and do strange objects, from skis and a piece of plywood and ending with a flying saucer.


Another important part of the modern games, including trials evolution gold edition, which tend to buy a lot of fun and extreme sports enthusiasts, this desire to share or brag with other fans of the game, which uses advanced integration capabilities on the Internet. Thus, using a special service, you can add games recording their arrival directly from the main menu of the game on YouTube, download or create your own tracks to share with other fans of racing fun.


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