Trine 2 Expanded Edition

Alternative names: Trine 2 Expanded Edition

Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2 GHz


RAMDAC: GeForce 7600/Radeon HD 2400

Disk Space: 1. 5 GB


Trine 2 - arcade game developed by one of the Finnish companies, continues the traditions established many years ago, at the dawn of computer games. Trine 2 game mechanics is very similar to the previously popular game where the player fell under the control of three Lost in Time Viking. Each of the characters had their exceptional abilities, and only using the skills of each member of the team could pass the level until the end. Game Trine 2 also has three main characters - clever and quick thief Zoya, powerful and indispensable melee knight Pontius and magician Amadeus control elements. Each member of the team is unlike another, and use their key features and strengths can be reached before the denouement of the plot.




Game Trine 2 is connected very confusing plot, where we tell the whole backstory of the universe Trine 2, play easy and difficult at the same time. The narrative of the game from the spot where the first part ended. Fairy kingdom was saved, evil spells were destroyed, but the idyll lasted a very short time and again over the world, where the main characters live under serious threat. This time the main artifact Trinh 2, which regulates the world and the universe in its troubled again and again to save the world he needed three dissimilar characters, and their consent to be an artifact of the mission decided not to ask. Another misfortune for gaming universe Trine 2 was the invasion of goblins led by their leader decided to destroy the familiar world and seize control of the artifact.




In Trine 2 need to play all the characters, using their strengths to one hundred percent, but most missions have several options for playing and can even distinguish themselves for pets. Magician and magician Amadeus vivid example of a pacifist, because he does not have in its arsenal Institute one attacking skills and uses his power to create. It is this feature will allow it to pass through the eerie swamps and move through the vast abyss, because that Amadeus will create out of thin air cubes and pyramids to build bridges. With fasting skills magician, quantity, quality and size of the items will grow. Pontius, the knight to the bone, its nature, its nature is a fight, and the more opponents he will face, the more comfortable he will feel. Using a sword and shield, as well as numerous power skills, Pontius will be able alone to keep the pressure of the enemy, while his partners will be engaged in the least important things. Game Trine 2 has a third character who, precisely, that stands out from this very company. This thief, this thief, agile and fast, capable prolazili into the most inaccessible corners, climb the vines and ropes, and sometimes, it can show its fangs, decimating their enemies from a small crossbow, but the most useful skill in its arsenal would be a bubble with low gravity, whereby it will be able to rise upwards. That variety of different game Trine 2 is a huge selection of options and entangled plot missions, filled to the brim with puzzles, and distinguish the game from other arcades.


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