Alternative names: Tropicana

Tropicalla island of hope. & nbsp;

Game Tropicalla - it's a great mix of several genres, it can be attributed to the strategy, Quests, simulators of life, such as farm and sea adventure at the same time. Very positive and colorful designs that will appeal to both adults and children, and men and women.

Events in the game on a tropical, very beautiful island. In a group of people got injured crash, but they did not despair, and began to learn to survive in difficult conditions, to deal with all sorts of wild animals and repel the attacks of hostile natives. Modern man, who lives in the jungles not only the most cunning creature, but also the most adventurous, so came to the island with a great climate and warm sea not build it, the resort is the first thing that comes to mind.

life on the island. & nbsp;

In order to enter into the project Tropicalla registration necessarily need. Pass it quite difficult to write in the form of an email address and choose a password to enter. Make entry to the game can be and with the help of social networks. The registration process is necessary in order for the player to return to play again and again, keeping their achievements and level.

In the beginning Tropicalla play is quite simple, you need to come up with a name and select a character. The choice of character is male and female, that with this and you need to decide. After quite simple actions a player is on the ground with warm wind near the wreckage of crashed plane, the first job he will get to train, and then alone will the construction of the village, growing their own food and protection.

received bonuses in the game developers have created a very resourceful, they can produce a variety of ways:

  • destroying wild animals and crabs;
  • made ​​space area from the undergrowth;
  • Removing boulders and rocks scattered everywhere.

From the beginning, the character will be all alone, but as he would settle in their territory and build all kinds of necessary construction moving deeper into the jungle he would meet other inhabitants of the island, namely friends in misfortune who were on the ill-fated plane.

Developing in iPlayer Tropicalla, open new job opportunities and eventually build a single victim of the crash quite impressive size of the settlement, will create its own fleet, which will be able to enter into fights with their neighbors and protect your little world. The sponsors have made every effort to the game was very interesting and exciting, when the settlement of the people becomes more and there is a detective story. It consists in the fact that the inhabitants of the island becomes interesting, for whatever reason, the plane fell, and they begin their own investigation into the cause of the crash.

As expected, in such projects play becomes easier if to invite more friends, they can exchange gifts, ask for help, and walk-in guests.

The game was created in very bright colors, and you can feel the warmth of the sun, and the touch of the wind while on a virtual island. Despite the fact that all the characters look like cartoon characters, a project carried out in comfort. The developers have taken care of the texts in the game, they are not long and filled with a great sense of humor.

to join the project, the player will receive a lot of positive emotions and pleasant to spend time. The game, despite its content and fun cartoon plot, at some point cause the user to think carefully how to best use the resources, and what would be the winning strategy.


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