Two Worlds 2

Alternative names: Two Worlds 2

Two Worlds 2 game, which is a continuation of the first part of the game Two Worlds and refers to the role-playing games.

Events in the game take place in Antalor, fictional game world. Here you will explore the various islands. You move through the water on the best swimming facilities, otherwise you can drown. You walk on dry foot or ride on horseback.

Download Two Worlds 2 from the official website of the game, is currently available flash version. Download Two Worlds 2 users can only growns or parents of children who do not currently full eighteen years.

Developers recommend before the game to see about Two Worlds 2 video to familiarize yourself with the gameplay.

Game Two Worlds 2 review reveals the main features of the game: the ability of the character, its characteristics, the passage of quests and so


In-Game Two Worlds 2 you will play a character that has the following characteristics:

1. Power - the ability to apply different levels of damage, and the ability to inflict the highest damage - critical.

2. Endurance - the ability to resist the attacks of the enemy and the level of health.

3. Hit - this is a very important factor that determines how well you can hit the target.

4. Willpower - it is your desire to resist the various sufferings and desire to overcome them. Also willpower can increase spell power.

Skills fully affect the damage you can inflict and receive. They will also depend on your health record. With the transition to a new level you get a new pair of glasses features and thereby raise her.


Two Worlds II game in which the character has the following skills:

1. Battle - is the ability of the character in battle, his armament, protection and attack skills.

2. Magic - it's a character's ability to spell: knowledge of certain types of spells, the ability to summon creatures, different kinds of attacks. In magic, you use special charms.

3. Shooting - is your accuracy, and possession of different types of small arms.

4. Crime - a measure of your criminal activity.

5. Craft - it is your abilities in different kinds of crafts, your employment rate in this form. Also the ability to disassemble weapons and armor, and then use those or other elements to improve other items.

6. General - is a complete characterization of all indicators, including health, agility, intelligence and ability.

To fully understand your skills, you will want to read a special book. Skills can change the choice of weapons.

Quests Two Worlds 2 can be very diverse. You can perform tasks of different guilds, but they do not belong.


Two Worlds 2 game, which is full of magic and battles. Here you will learn the secrets of alchemy and the desire to achieve their goals. It is in Two Worlds II you will need to prove himself as a cruel and soft hand.

Plunge whirlwind events of the game Two Worlds 2 and you will not regret!



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