UFO Online

Alternative names: UFO, UFO

UFO Online-is a free multiplayer game in the style Postapokaliptika. UFO Online game online - it's a cruel world peace city-41, the world after 2024, when the pilgrims on the earth has been sent to a terrible virus that has hit almost all of humanity. Part aliens remained on Earth, while the bulk of them inexplicably departed. Survivors are people who succumbed to the virus and not mutated, and are now fighting with their own kind, and the aliens.

Minimum system requirements for the game:

- Processor: Intel Pentium ® 4 2. 5 GHz or equivalent

- RAM 1 GB

- Video: Radeon 9800 or GeForce 6600 with 128 MB of graphics memory (must support Shader Model 2. 0)

- Network Connection - 64 kbps

- Hard disk: 500 MB free space

Join in the game UFO Online requires download and install special client software that optimizes the process of the game and automatically updated. Then UFO Online Online registration is prompted to enter a nickname (the desired in-game name), password, e-mail, to agree with the rules and accept the user agreement. Be sure to enter the code in the image, which prevents bots in the game. For your support and networking opportunities with peers and fans of this game has a community VKontakte and Facebook, which are particularly useful if the servers under maintenance.

UFO Online online game divided into sectors that will move your character. After moving him to take a little time to rest. In some sectors will be placed buildings or entire communities, which will give you the opportunity to use the gaming services, such as:

- "Shop",

- "Warehouse"

- "Arena" and others.

When you play the game UFO Online online then your character will have six main characteristics:


- Dex,

- Body

- Perception

- Intelligence

- Charisma.

The higher a character, the less experience he will need to get this or that skill. With the help of the special skills of the "training" you can develop your character. Your character will have a backpack and personal belongings trophy. These things you can sell, swap barter with another player, or - if things trophy - to lose them in the time of death. And if your backpack is overloaded, part of things have to get rid of.

Weapons have several classes that depend on the tactical purpose of a particular type of weapon. When you start to play the game online UFO Online, you will be provided with a basic weapon - gun, and with the level of the character, you get access to other types of weapons, such as:

- Assault rifles,

- Machine guns,

- Weapons for combat in open space.

Each weapon has its own unique characteristics that should be considered before playing UFO Online.

Battles in the game are carried out step by step. To be successful in the UFO Online play usefully spend time allotted for planning its next step in the battle. Then all the characters lose their actions. The battle continues as long as your team does not win, or until your fighter will not be killed by the enemy. If your team wins, you can collect all the trophies, which remained after the defeated enemies. If you want to attack any other player, check whether to allow the sector to attack. But beware - if the moment of the battle suddenly interrupt your Internet connection, your character will remain in combat and other characters can inflict damage up to a murder. All battle locations in the game are unique, divided into cells and have their own landscape.

Online game UFO Online gives players the opportunity to trade, visit the shops, selling their belongings to others. Moreover, trade relations are possible only between real people, contracts are not automatically generated.

UFO Online Registration will open in front of you an opportunity to prove themselves as great fighters, fearless, brilliant strategist and tactician and reach the top in this game.


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