A crisis!

Alternative names: Under Control

Game the Crisis! - war with psychological weapons

Browser Game Crisis! In the genre of action makes the real world into post-apocalyptic. On the battlefield, something incredible is happening - soldiers, equipment and war pigs are mixed together. Shots everywhere, blood is poured, fallen warriors cover the earth with their bodies.

If you are not afraid to be in this meat grinder, welcome Crisis! play. To do this, take care of the construction of a military base and the development of infrastructures. Soldiers in the ranks of the troops, train them and provide necessary. Lead the army"Resistance"and defeat the enemy forces - the army"Spectrum", which is commanded by General Krieg.

He placed on all continents towers with psi-generators, which radiate invisible waves, turning people into zombies. He does not rely only on this insidious device, but uses adherents to start a bloodbath.

But biting the belt machine, you podnatuzhites and prove that the forces of evil and this time will be turned to ash. A crisis! Registration will open the way for each commander to his army, which is to be made the perfect machine of war.

From a handful of ragamuffins to a super army

Base of the squad"Resistance"is in a terrible state. Her resources are barely enough for the next assignment, which the beginner must pass through the chain until they lead to a complete mission. But this is a temporary situation, because soon specialists will come to your disposal, capable of demolishing unfit buildings and erecting new ones: military, industrial and research.

Objects that are available, but some have to be restored at different levels of the game:

Projects that you can build upon reaching a certain level:

  • Manual - provides with the equipment
  • Kazarmy - training of the infantry
  • Living houses for civilians
  • Factory for the creation of troops of various types
  • Boy management - will find support for elite units
  • Arsenal - assembling parts for support characters
  • Oil platform gives fuel to
    • Scientific complex - modernization of support characters
    • The military plant produces weapons and spare parts for equipment
    • Legion agency equips and trains elite troops
    • The assembly shop collects from the details of machinery
    • The radio tower serves to join the clans
    • Bar - the location of military experts
    • The food store provides additional food
    • Bank - your currency reserve
    • Psi-generator - increases the characteristics of buildings and troops
    • The fuel depot provides fuel for machinery
    • Command Center - Helping to improve troops

    Once only win

    V The crisis!

  • Engineering, where new builders are hired
  • The food market supplies provisions
  • Teranite mine - source of income
  • Trading area serves as a place of exchange of goods with other players
  • Western and eastern bridges connecting to the central part of the base
  • Contractors - there are deals with smugglers
  • IPlayer at your disposal such troops: machine gunners, infantrymen, grenade launchers, snipers. There will be a choice of military equipment. Armed with his army and studied the location of the enemy on the map, go to the chosen point. When the soldiers get to the place, they will start to act independently, and you can support them with artillery fire on enemy equipment.

    Na Battle Under Control! A certain amount of time is assigned, and with whom the preponderance of strengths will help determine the strips of health over each soldier. After completing 20 compulsory story assignments, you will be able to arrange PVP battles.


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