Alternative names: Unit, UNIT

Online game U. T. - Is an exciting free MMORPG game created in the style of post-nuclear world. T. online offers you to dive into the world of survivors after a nuclear war, and to choose which side to play - whether to be a defender of the civilian population or bandit, how to earn and spend as earned. In order to make the game more interesting, the developers used a unique FLASH-engine, which makes the process of wagering paid to the quality of client games. Guests enjoy a huge and well-designed card with unique objects. In the map there is no seams and transitions between locations.

Join in the game U. T. download special client assumes that optimizes Internet traffic consumption. Further U. T. Online registration is typical for all games - introduction nickname and password, as well as e-mails.

U. T. online game in a positive way differs from similar games of humor and presence of specific vocabulary. Quest line involves nonlinear development of the plot with a lot of different endings. Players have a huge selection of weapons (light weapons, melee weapons, energy weapons, heavy weapons, grenades and mines - more than 150 titles) and armor (helmet, armor, pants and shoes, which are combined in a variety of kits and fees level of the player.) Play the game U. T. online is very exciting and yet, because even a simple walk in the nearby woods and moors takes you to a meeting with one of the creatures of the bestiary (of 29 different creatures).

It should be remembered that the PvP system fuel conflicts between players and clans, so sit in the corner will not work.

In U. T. Play gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the interesting feature of the game - in-game computer network, reminiscent of the Internet, in which digging and solving puzzles military terminals can spend a lot of time.

Play U. T. - Is to become either a looter or raider, as well as get acquainted with the well-developed urban NPC game characters, such as, Pharmacist, Merchant, Gravedigger and others. You would be glad to aggressive mobs - dogs and mutants, but the presence of drugs can help heal the wounds of the "warm" meeting. Your character are basic (6 parameters) and derivatives. So you'll have a fighting (three combat class - kritoviki, uvorotchiki and tanks) and peaceful skills, character creation will need to choose priority skills that will develop most rapidly. For the amount you will earn performance bonuses. Besides injuries, your character will face the effects of alcohol, dope, drugs, and radiation poisoning.

Players can form clans, which have some bonuses.

Game U. T. Online is based on the history of scientific Nizhneatomska town and its residents, survivors of a nuclear war in the middle of the 21st century. People are trying to create on the basis of its new state of the town, and in this they are assisted by representatives of the former law enforcement agencies. However, in the vicinity of the town of anarchy, a lot of gangs of looters organize raids on civilians. Thrive drug addiction, alcoholism and prostitution.

Register U. T. open before you the world in the former USSR, which only depends on you, who you become and what reach. Play the game online U. T. this opportunity to laugh, using a special vocabulary game or having met the beast called "Chingachgook" and fight, trade, and to survive in this harsh, but fascinating world.


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