Universal Monsters Online

Alternative names: Universal Monsters Online

Universal Monsters Online - dynamic browser-based game designed in the style of MOBA, where driving terrifying monsters from favorite movies players apply their strategic skills. Speaking as one of the terrible characters, you have the opportunity to fully realize their ambitious plans. You seem to be infused into a monster, which most impressed by your tastes, and control its actions. Together with the team you have all the chances to rise to stardom, experience the fun of dazzling victories over other players, destroy unlimited number scurrying through the streets of a zombie, generously save beauties in distress, only to end up with majestic smile, taking them from the hot words of gratitude. You can now take part in the closed beta test, and soon Universal Monsters Online The game will get an official release. Joint product of all famous companies Bigpoint and Universal Pictures boasts beautiful 3D graphics, excellent mechanics of movement, quality sound, impressive special effects and, of course, the availability of as a model free - to - play .

Join in the game Universal Monsters Online will receive an invitation to the world of exciting fights in real time. Since the game is designed to attract a large number of users, system requirements will not be for you shocking obstacle to reincarnation in "horror". Main modern browser and an internet connection and you can Universal Monsters Online play with even minimal computer configuration. Delight and simplify the process of creating an account. Universal Monsters Online check - is to fill fields such as username, password, email address, date of birth. A subscription to the news making and confirming compliance with the rules, you do away with it. Will only have to wait for the corresponding letter, cordially invites you to a fantastic abode.

Play game Universal Monsters Online You can as such characters: Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein, Man- Werewolf, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and many others. Familiar character types? Of course! After all, before they flashed before us in the stories the best horror films. Only then you could only watch as the events unfold, and now have the right to make their own adjustments, strongly influence the development of the plot. Visit a skin specimen and demonstrate to others that ability - well, is not this the most attractive occupation, you can have fun at your leisure?

You will inveterate struggle for survival, skirmishes with various evil spirits, bloody competition with other players. It would be better if combined with his comrades. Try to find a way to make friends and frightening residents to join their efforts. Otherwise, you will be an ideal target for destruction and will not last long. Feeling the support, not scary go into the arena and try to capture the enemy base. During the battle, try to destroy as much as possible contenders. After all, if their base stand, the result will be supplied to fight number of victims from both sides. Fight "command team" is as follows: 5 players from both teams go against each other, the dead are replaced by new players, and at the expiration of the set time everything calms down. If you have been active and able to destroy more fighters than the enemy managed to do it - you are a winner! A online game Universal Monsters adheres to the principle of "winner-all." That is, you will be able not only to return to the fortress beauty team, but also to carry out raids into enemy territory. Besides accrued experience, because pumping hero goes directly in combat. Nice and what you should be rewarded with silver. Indeed, without the game currency can not do. So go for it! Everything is in your hands!

The longer you play Universal Monsters Online , the higher your level. Character development promises to open new opportunities, and its ability to gradually improve. Apparently addictive gameplay more and you do not want to break away from him. Bloodcurdling sight will produce for you an unforgettable experience! We hope that you will become an avid fan of the beautiful game, and your feedback will be nothing but positive!


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