Variable World

Alternative names: Shifting World

Variable World online - multiplayer game in the style of a futuristic military strategy.

Online game Variable World does not impose specific system requirements to your PC, even with the available mobile phones and smartphones, but problems can occur when you start the game in the browser Opera Mini (web browser for mobile devices).

Join in the game Variable World is quite simple - you are required to enter the desired screen name, password, e-mail address and choose your preferred language. Variable World also offer online registration you will automatically register on the gaming forum with the same nickname, as in the game.

In the game you will need to explore the unknown planet, and to obtain resources using databases. Variable World online game has four resource

- Metal (produces robot miner)

- Oil (petroleum produces robot)

- Quartz (quartz collector)

- Uranium (uranium mining robot).

All robots will make your robot collector. When you play the game online Variable World, then you will have possibility to design robots to their needs, and if necessary modify them. In addition, you yourself will produce weapons and armor, protecting him, namely:

- Kinetic weapons (and metal armor)

- Laser weapons (reflecting armor)

Plasma weapon (energy armor).

Weapons and armor you need, as other players will strive to capture your base and select your resources. In order to successfully defend and attack, the game Variable World online gives you the opportunity to develop their own tactics for doing all three rounds of the fight. This tactic you can then call and save to occasionally use it successfully, and not to create it anew.

You will be able to choose from three types of attacks on enemy bases

- Capturing,

- Occupation

- Tilting.

Capture allows you to take all the profits from the base of the occupation - only 40%, while tilting intended to move the enemy base for a few cells with the possibility of rejection. All trophies that you receive in the event of a successful attack are converted into money.

In order to even the odds in battles base can attack only one army, in which, besides, there is a limit on the weight of armor units.

Play game Variable World Online well that giving queue their databases, you can go offline, while your database will work hard. Early in the game you will be given three bases, and with increasing your level will rise and the ability to control a greater number of bases.

For a more successful game you will need to develop tools like

- Unit economics (science, technology, market),

- Block design (block strength calculation, designing weapons and armor)

- Transport block

- Block geology.

With increasing development of each block on the level when you play in a Variable World, or you get an opportunity to earn more, or an opportunity to build better robots, or move rapidly to produce more resources, respectively.

On planets where you will drive resource extraction, there is a huge variety of landscapes - rivers, mountains, deserts, forests, cities, where you can either get a specific kind of resources or design blocks for cheaper price.

You start the game in a special area for beginners, where you no one can take away your base. As soon as you feel able to fully play Variable World, join the Alliance - the union of up to 20 players who support each other.

Variable World Register is available in the three servers planets

- Sirius

- Vega-1

- Antares.

Shifting World will open a distant planet, you will master the use of robots, and develop your own tactics of fighting.


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