Vikings War of Clans

Alternative names: Vikings Clan Wars

Game Vikings War of Clans (Viking clan war) on the PC.

Game Vikings Clan Wars transports players to the northern region, where nature is harsh and can survive only the strong and smart and brave. Snowy mountains surround the ruined cities, the survivors of the barbarian invasions, pray that Odin survived another day. But not all so sad as it seems at first glance, the main advantage of this nation is the strength of spirit and courage. One soldier is worth a dozen, most importantly, to found a wise ruler, who will lead them to fight with the enemies and can lift the economy ruined cities.

iPlayer Vikings War of Clans - this is a great combination of browser-based multiplayer role-playing and strategy games. Users will be able to express themselves in different guises - to become city planners, develop the economy and to establish diplomatic contacts, and of course to try yourself as wise generals controlling the strongest army, which will be to protect the newly created state. In this world, only to rule only by force, with the support of brave warriors to expand boundaries of the city and lay down the law in these harsh lands.

Zemli Vikings inhabit Jarls, here chaos and everyone wants to get the most of scarce resources and unlimited power. In order to try to become a master of the snow-covered land, and take control of the wealth in the game Vikings War of Clans registration is required. Pass it only need time, filling in all the fields in the appropriate form, namely, to come up with a nickname and leave an email address. Even easier to log in through the account in one of the social networks.

Osobennosti game Vikings War of Clans.

Proydya registration process, players can choose a character, the virtual ruler. This may be as a man and a woman. All types of the very specific in their Viking blood flowing. After making your selection, the hero gets into the ownership of a small semi ruined castle, and a few survivors from the constant raids of people. The once great city ruined, buildings destroyed, and the wise elders, ruling that the settlement killed. The main task of the player to rebuild the city, to establish production of the necessary resources and to create an army. Each building is important for economic development and military power:

  • Na farms, farmers take care of the diet;
  • Rabochie working in sawmills, making out of the forest board, necessary for construction;
  • Na quarries are hard at work, strong walls need for reliable defense,
  • V Forge create armor and clothing for the hero, in which he can become invincible;
  • V hospitals cure soldiers
  • V put them teach stratagem.

Vikings War of Clans play on a PC without the development of science and learning is not possible, at this point the users are lucky, the enemies could not destroy the scrolls of the elders and their wisdom can go and the current governor, if he finds time to study tomes. Another feature of the game is to have cards, a total of 81, with the development, from level to level opens the possibility of transferring to the new land, the newer card, the less strong the enemies might meet on the way.

Geroy - this is a separate story line, it can be developed, he gains experience and knowledge. The more jobs done, the battle is won and the good deeds done for the residents and the city. The higher the power of the character. He gains the ability to having even less on the number of troops to bring him to victory over powerful enemies. The higher the character level, the more artifacts and armor to make his subjects, they give advantage over other players.

Game Vikings War of Clans on PC is much easier if you join one of the clans. Without allies united can not be defeated enemies.


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