Alternative names: VirCities

VirCities online - free browser-based multiplayer game that simulates the life of citizens. You will appear in the role of a certain character of the inhabitants of the city and will develop and master a particular profession, to participate directly in politics and try to do everything possible to hometown flourished. You will find yourself surrounded by different people, of which there are doctors, businessmen and ordinary workers and politicians. Play VirCities not interacting with them is impossible. During gameplay will be situations in which one way or another have to deal with the other inhabitants of the metropolis. For example, sometimes need someone to help, say, mercilessly headache and desperately need to see a doctor - that is the problem and you do not decide alone. Or have any questions about, so why not ask the advice of an employee? It is worth saying that the game implies VirCities socially active lifestyle and be a recluse does not work. Besides gaming interaction, players are able to communicate with each other using the chat. So, as you can see, loneliness here and does not smell! Join us find reliable friends, start dating burdensome and just have fun with exciting games!

Play free VirCities can be anyone. In addition, the project is really affordable and does not shock users high system requirements. Gameplay is quite suitable for Internet-connected computer average configuration, and, of course, the presence of one of the modern browsers. Become the new resident will VirCities registration. Account creation process is as follows: type the alias, according to e-mail address, password and confirm thought out on the following line specifies the floor, as well as the desired city, chosen avatar, introduced nickname invited you player (if available) and rewritten code from the picture. Finally you must confirm that you accept the user agreement and then click the "Sign in town."

During registration, you select one of the five cities. Offered such cities as Moscow, London, New York, Beijing and Tokyo. Appearing in the selected city, as a beginner you will have to live in a dorm room, which you provide. And at the start of the bag can get some money to survive the first time. You have to learn and understand what is what. It is recommended to start with simple quests that are designed specifically for newcomers. Incidentally, the job gives up and it also tells you if something is unclear.

More or less master, the second thing you need to do - is to find a job. Necessary for the existence of another source of income after spending the money first, you will find yourself at an impasse. A character that constantly need to buy some things, food. Profession can choose to your liking. Then you need to develop your skills and grow in a professional sense. How many hours a day to work will solve themselves. But do not forget that the hero will certainly need at least a couple hours of sleep, or else in the race for wealth, it just falls down from fatigue that accumulates in step with accrued salary. Over time, you will save enough money to open his own company and will no longer be working for someone else. It should say that in this direction the user is given the freedom of choice. Want opens a manufacturing facility, you want - a laboratory for research, want - shop for processing resources or production facility for the very resources and so § To start a business, you need a license and be able to buy it with their own savings.

It is clear that you will play VirCities, focusing their attention not only on the working points. So you will be able, if you wish to visit a special base and take part in the fighting. It helps a lot to escape from everyday worries. The combat system involves fights with bots and other players (with their consent). There is a battle in the automatic mode. Success depends on the parameters, which is endowed with either a hero, as well as the weapon used.

An interesting way in the gaming world is the political system. At the head of the city stands up. It is responsible for the management of public companies located in the city, and offer different laws, which are then discussed at a meeting of such serious people as advisors. The Council shall decide by a vote whether or not to miss another law. All city residents can take part in political life and influence the fate of the city separately. After all, every month a vote, which resulted in measures and elected councilors. It should say that there are no restrictions and can run any citizen. So, if there is such a desire, you can move in politics.


The game has many different elements. The gameplay is really saturated and fascinating! And better if instead of having to read about the features of the project, you are on your own experience will appreciate its merits. Believe me, you'll be delighted - not exactly facing disappointment! Good mood and good luck in all your endeavors!


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