The rulers of the Ancient World

Alternative names: The rulers of the Ancient World

Games The rulers of the Ancient World, like oriental sweets

The East is still a mystery to the rest of the world, and one can only guess what exotic it was in ancient times. Go to the far end of the earth and thousands of years ago offers the game The Lords of the Ancient World. You will find the charm of oriental culture, in which worshiped dragons, martial arts, conquering wars, strength, courage and unbending character.

Browser strategy MMOTBS unfolds events in Asia, and you will have to establish a state in the desert land on the territory:

  • Master
  • Variy
  • Sigories

We are armed with a sword and a pickaxe

The leader's role is probably familiar to you on other multiplayer strategies, where military affairs are inextricably linked with economics and diplomacy. To recollect the acquired skills, start the Lords of the Ancient World to play, once again being in the starting point.

Before you a long way of becoming under the guidance of a mentor at first. He issues tasks, simultaneously opening secrets and management features. Thanks to the assistant, by the end of the training you will have time to accumulate a little experience, money and resources, so that with small capital you can go on a separate voyage.

Before the Lords of the Ancient World need to register or enter through the social network service:

  • Password
  • NIC
  • Address
  • Connecting to a toy via Facebook, Mail. Ру, ВКонтакте, Classmates

Now you can claim your rights to the throne of the empire, but first you need to build a worthy army, build up the area with buildings, and become powerful.

Only smart, and sometimes cunning, commander will be able to unite the scraps of scattered land under his coat of arms. This is a difficult, laborious and bloody work. Other pretenders to the land are aggressive, and this will have to be dealt with. As you know, this requires:

The type of territory from above will show the location of the resource-producing zones around the populated center.

  • Increase the number of military
  • Preparing the population
  • Training the army
  • Proceed the Quests
  • Extend resources
  • Having currency
  • Negotiate with neighbors
  • In battle, gain experience and strength
  • Clicking the mouse can go to one of them, and put things in order in the farm for the extraction of timber or steel. We also have to accumulate silver, gold and food.

    A now imagine that you are trying, building, improving the newly formed state, and then the enemy comes to attack and take away. Often this treacherous intrusion without warnings, and only the appearing badge reports that an attack has been committed on a house, sawmill or mine. In order to deal with the problem, just click on the icon.

    As for the fight, you can choose:

    • Sturm - suitable for defense, but not against attack
    • Ataka - effective against defense, but not suitable for assaults
    • Obora - loses during the attack, but is good for assault

    Tactics are chosen by each side before the battle starts, and in the battle with bots the player is given the advantage of the second move, which is just fine. Although the computer brain can be cunning, and already in the course of events, change the strategy, so monitor the situation to adapt.

    Farewell words

    iPlayer The rulers of the Ancient World - a game and a historical plot. Adhering to the classics of the genre, the developers managed to make it special. Where else can you become a Chinese emperor who gives orders, demands perfect execution of them, subjugates the rebels and deliberately moves forward to the task? Lead the great people, and enslave those who do not want to bow.


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