Reign of Fire

Alternative names: Reign of Fire

Reign of Fire Online - multiplayer online game free of charge, made in the strategy genre. Made, by the way, online game Reign of Fire fantasy and by and large it is - a turn-based strategy, in which after a certain time each character is given the opportunity to be like. The main goal of the game - to create and develop the province of a powerful state.

Join in the game Reign of Fire is very simple and does not require much effort. Everything you need to start playing the game online Power of Fire - is to enter a game name and password. Actually, this registration Fire Authority will be performed.

From the outset, is in your hands in one province sizes acres, the development of which depends only on you. Increase their allotments you can with the help of two methods: fire and sword or using charisma, persuasion and diplomatic skills. Reign of Fire online game that requires a really serious concentration, but if you still hearken and addicted to the gameplay, if will experience the special charm of magic, which is imbued with this game, then you are guaranteed a good time.

Actually, choosing the path of brute force with increasing inside your province, you need to understand the methodology of such an integral part of the gameplay, as a declaration of martial law. Having won the war enemy province passes completely under your control. Wise move with strorony developers is the ability to be in a state of war with only two enemies at once. Since the announcement you predsotavlyaetsya shirts four hours in order to prepare for battle. In areas that you have captured, you can install one of several types of control: monarchy, republic, democracy, communism, dictatorship, tyranny or theocracy! Reign of Fire game is qualitatively different from other products that it sold a lot of different buildings, units and other goodies, so necessary sophisticated gamers-gourmets. Still, the game creators made no little effort to the development of your state became really interesting.

The main indicator of the quality of the development of your country is the size and strength of your army. Combat characters in the game, by the way, make a mad massive amount: cavalry, infantry, catapults, siege towers and even dragons. Play the game online Power Fire love all fans of military tactics and strategy, and just people having fun on the treacherous wins in brutal bloody battles.

Captured your territory over time will develop, acquire own barracks, barracks, which will be trained mages and infantry, markets, which are key to economic development. Tower magicians and mines, which produced major mining production resources is also very important for anyone who wants his state developed harmoniously.

Each building has its own price, measured in gold coins and a certain amount of raw material. Do not need to be discounted turn-based strategy, which means that the importance of the construction depends the number of moves for which it will be built. But you can remedy the situation, all you need - how to hire more workers, and then the time to build your buildings markedly reduced.

In a game like Fire Authority will be pleasant and interesting to all those who love the unknown, because the magic - that's what the universe live games.

One of the features of the game - specific consumables, referred to in the wizarding world Magimatami. They open the player access to various bonuses enjoyable, both military and industrial.

Magee - are the main figures in the game. On their level of development and kollichestva depends the fate of your intelligence campaigns sabbotazh enemy army, and terrible destruction of huge dragon and destroy your buildings antagonists.

Fire Power Play like anyone who as a child always dreamed of magical adventures, and if you still beckon and uncharted gave you believe in fairy tales and that good will win - register and prove what you are capable of becoming Lord of Fire!


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