Void Rim

Alternative names: Void Rim
This project was one of the most anticipated new products of the year. Game Void Rim established in accordance with all the requirements to online strategies. After a long period of waiting game is finally moved to the stage of beta testing and some gamers can learn about the project, at least in general terms. All major events described in the game, closely linked to the future. Registered with the project, which, of course, would only be possible after a Void Rim registration will be officially launched, gamers will get to the virtual world of the future. Is to pay tribute to developers - make graphics and scale simply did gasp in surprise. Decoration and selected elements of the project are so realistic that they did not hesitate, you can take and the insert into a movie or TV series, based on the sci-fi novel. Just cool graphics design and manage immediately bribe gamers - to inspire confidence, so to speak. Most of the gameplay "tied" to the fights, duels, battles. In Void Rim can play, struggling not only with real opponents (of course, the game has a multiplayer mode, and therefore, playing, you can make new friends with gamers from around the globe), but with bots controlled by artificial intelligence. Succeed in this game as well, however, as in most other projects of this genre, you can only demonstrating a responsible and prudent approach to the gameplay. In submission, each player will have its own faction. For honor and freedom entrusted to you and to fight faction during gameplay. In order to play in the Void Rim online has at least some sense a rating of participants. Get into the top leaders rather difficult, but very honorable, so gamblers will do. Test his strength in speed can all comers players. The project will be distributed free-to-play scheme, which means the possibility of free access to the full version of the project. Moreover, the players have promised that they will be kept down to the last circuit conditions. Ensuring that play Void Rim online can be not afraid "stopornutsya" at any level because of the requirements payment, will certainly be appreciated by all gamers. And because the game of this genre simply can not exist without the currency, money in the project will be, but only virtual. For carrying out missions and various quests, players can receive bonuses, awards and virtual financial rewards. Due to past and in the future it will be possible to buy new weapons and improve the old, to improve skills and change clothes. While before the official start of the game is a few months, gamers can only rely on the good administration of the project, which could provide clues for the beta test. Even if your name is not on the list of the lucky ones - no problem playing Void Rim to open soon be able to attend.

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