Alternative names: Veng

Retribution Online - free multiplayer online browser-RPG, stands out among other gaming products conveyor. It refers to the camp of browser MMORPG, is currently the one of the many numerical and developing the fastest. And, apparently, how to deal with such a huge competition and firmly hold a niche market? But online game Retribution - a shining example of what is called "work for gamers." It is not in the beauty and entertainment pictures of what is happening on the screen, and in the most important aspect - freedom of action is complete, when you arrange everything so that you can directly influence everything that happens in the game world around you.

Join in the game Retribution simple and does not take much of your time. All you need to - you enter your account name, e-mail address and password bezpasnosti. Then, in your email, you will receive a letter notifying you that your account is confirmed. Actually, this registration will be completed Retribution and you can safely start the game Gere Retribution online.

The first thing that catches the eye in this game - it's a huge range of options, which is invested in the hands of developers gamer. It is doing a lot of different functions you can perform your character online game Retribution and stands out among other role-playing games in which the player functionality is quite limited. Universe in which the unfolding events of the game is large in size and diverse in its landscape and "filling". But it is interesting that earlier decorative elements such as mountains and forests were just great background, it is now full game elements and they can be used, extracting resources from them or producing various items. So do not rush to get round a tree or a pile of stones, standing on location, and better stock up on tools and obtain a bit of resources, they will be useful to you.

Similarly, it is with the economic challenges. In the woods you can always find the right herbs for a variety of potions and elixirs, and if you suddenly felt hungry - always bring your fishing pole and then at any nearest reservoir, you can always catch fish and plenty gorge. Developers recognize that such an abundance of readily accessible to the interaction of objects very often confuses people and deters newcomers, but they assure us that if you spend a couple of days and understand what is happening, then a huge set of features that will be opened in front of you, simply head will spin. Play the game online Retribution will be interesting to people who are tired of formulaic genre pieces in MMORPG, because the task for developers to get away from the cliché was a priority and votpochemu.

Retribution Online game in his entire universe sheltered four races available in the game as: Orcs, Undead, Elves and Men. And here we are waiting for the first surprise. Choosing a race of orcs you'll be pleasantly surprised that they - positive characters in the history of the game world, and their eternal antagonists-eared elves - negative. And despite everything that happens, it does not prevent the two factions to get along in a military alliance.
People in this game is implemented as the noble lords army time. In alliance with them is undead - dead elves. In the story of the game they - noble and relentlessly oracles, not betrayed his goddess, even under pain of death. Markups, the plot of the game is worthy of a separate review, but a bit more about it can be found in a special game encyclopedia, located on the site of the game.

So in general, we can safely summarize that you play Retribution is not only pleasant but also interesting. Of course, it's hard to do without certain drawbacks.


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