Behind Enemy Lines 2

Alternative names: Behind Enemy Lines 2

Behind Enemy Lines 2 - a computer game in the genre of strategic ekshen. But how to tell fans of the game - it's not just a strategy, there is a fighter. The game is developed by a small Ukrainian Best Way . This is the second part of a series of games in the enemy's rear. Behind Enemy Lines 2 game in which it is possible to change the course of events of World War. Of course, only in the game. Just getting into the atmosphere of the game you feel your strength in historical events - are involved in the War.

In the beginning, before proceeding to the massacre, we advise you to read the game of nutria on the basis of this review and read the scanned Behind Enemy Lines 2 videos. But then you can visit the site and download Behind Enemy Lines 2. And go quickly in the course of what is happening here.

Play Behind Enemy Lines 2 wake up one of the few officers of the army, that's just how the army of the warring parties - you choose. The game has three main fighting campaign presented by certain states:

  • Campaign Germany;
  • Campaign USSR
  • Anglo-American campaign.

Campaign in Germany - the main opponents of Soviet troops. Has ten missions, three of which training and the latter opens only when all the previous passage.

Campaign USSR - the main enemies of the German campaign. Also consists of seven missions, plus three training. And the last - the most difficult.

Anglo-American campaign - a campaign allies. Combining the two states that have the same number of missions.

It turns out that Behind Enemy Lines 2 missions represented in equal numbers.

The game Behind Enemy Lines 2 has a huge selection of weapons. That would destroy the enemy you Courtesy of: machines, machine guns, cannons, tanks, rocket launchers, jeeps and more.

Different types of all this, in large quantities.

You in the role of guidance and do not think that here you'll play for a clear definition and style. No. You choose it, or even create yourself. And everything is in your hands. While each of the men has its inventory. And at any moment it can replace their weapons.

Represents all possible types of forces, such as arrows, machine gunners, gunners, officers, snipers, flamethrower, anti-troops and other units.

Fight you not only with a computer, as the enemy, as well as network with others in the same character as you.

Game Behind Enemy Lines II has a pretty good quality graphics, with great physics that makes the game scrip greatest masterpiece of its genre. Sound is also a successful addition to this complete picture of perfection. And of course, the gameplay is at a high level. There's even like a real damages occur and under real conditions.

In general, you have realized that to play the game Behind Enemy Lines 2 pleasure itself. But worth a try on their skin complexity gameplay and realize once again how hard it was to our grandfathers and great-grandfathers to defend their homeland. Name of the game is immediately reveals to us the essence of the game.


Do not forget to invite colleagues for a full experience. Great victories and good luck to you!


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